Affiliate Program

The marijuana community is constantly growing and as our business evolves, we want you to get in on the action! Pacific Seed Bank welcomes bloggers and website owners to join our affiliate program, enabling you to earn money simply by sharing our unique affiliate link with your visitors.

How does it work?

You can create your own unique affiliate links that will funnel your visitors to our site. This linking also improves your SEO ranking by linking to an authoritative site.
Include our link anywhere you think your visitors will click it – on your web page, in a blog post, through social networking, or an email newsletter.
For every reader that clicks on your unique Affiliate Link and makes a purchase through our website, you will receive a commission!

Can you afford not to get involved?

A glowing endorsement or review of our products and services by a trustworthy source (i.e. YOU) is an invaluable form of connecting with potential customers for any online business. Your readership looks to you for the best of the best, and we want them to know you get the best marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank.

Get Paid for Sharing Our Link!

When a visitor clicks on the unique affiliate link that will provide you, they will be redirected to our website. The visitor’s IP address is logged at this point, allowing us to track their activity while on our site.

If your visitor then chooses to place an order while visiting the site from this unique link, the order is logged as a sale through your profile. Once we have reviewed and approved the sale, you will be sent your commission payment.

Earn Your Commission

Every time someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase (which must subsequently be approved), your Pacific Seed Bank profile will be credited with 20% of that sale.

ExampleOrder ValueYour Commission
Henry buys 1 pack of Medical marijuana Seeds$79$16.5
Sally buys 2 packs of Feminized marijuana Seeds$118$23.6
Tom buys 3 packs of Auto-Flowering marijuana Seeds$147$294
ABC Dispensary buys 500 Feminized marijuana Seeds$2700$540

When your account balance reaches $200, we will send a payout of the total balance of the account. You will only receive a payout once your account balance reaches the maximum total of $200.

We Use Cookies

In order for our system to log and track customer IP addresses, we install cookies on their browser. Our cookies will remain in place on their browser for 30 days following their first visit to our website. This means whether a customer leaves the site without purchasing or places items in the shopping basket but does not complete the transaction during that initial visit, as long as your customer places an order within a month of first clicking on your unique affiliate link you will receive a commission on that sale.

We want you to be a part of our growing community, and joining the Pacific Seed Bank Affiliate Program is an easy way to get involved – sign up and start earning money today!