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The best way to buy cannabis seeds in Folsom is hands down Pacific Seed Bank. We are an online seed bank bringing you premium seeds from trusted breeders and farmers in the industry. All of our seeds are lab-tested to ensure authentic genetics and come backed by our industry-leading 90% Germination Guarantee. And boy, do we have a wide selection. Our digital shelves are well-stocked with hundreds of unique strains, including your favorite indicas, sativas, and hybrids. Whether you are looking for fully feminized, autoflowering, or high-CBD varieties, we have you covered. Our website is also filled with detailed growing guides for both newbies and more advanced growers, as well as marijuana news on our blog. Go ahead and start browsing our website, pick out your favorite strains, and place your order today using our secure check-out process. Tracking is provided on all orders and we’re always a phone call or click away.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Mango Kush Autoflowering

Mango Kush AutofloweringSuper Lemon Haze FeminizedChernobyl Feminized
Flowering Time40-60 days60-70 days55-65 days

Is Cannabis Use Legal in Folsom?

As one of the leaders in cannabis legalization in the nation, The Golden State is home to cannabis-friendly laws and policies. Medical use was legalized back in 1996 and the legalization of recreational use followed in 2016. Now, residents 21 years of age and older can legally grow their own cannabis for both medical and personal use. Recreational growers are allowed to grow up to six plants at a time, while medical marijuana growers can have six plants and 12 seedlings. If you’ve been wanting to start growing your own cannabis, there’s truly never been a better time to get started. Place an order with us today and have seeds arrive at your door in as little as one week.


The Proper Way To Store Cannabis

If weed seeds and cannabis are not stored properly, they will go bad overtime. Avoid flushing your hard-earned dollars down the toilet by learning how to properly store your weed. Firstly, keep your stash in a comfortable temperature range between 67 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the top contributing factors to spoiled weed is too much heat, humidity, or light. Too much heat can dry out the terpenes and cannabinoids in weed that typically take months to develop. When these oils are too dry, the smoke becomes harsher. Warm air also holds moisture which can cause mold. To keep your weed as fresh as possible, keep it in a cool, dry, and dark place. We recommend storing in a vacuum-sealed container or mason jar for best results.

Only have positive things to say about my PSB experience. I’m fairly new to the world of growing marijuana but these guys were super helpful and helped me find a good strain, I followed their germination method and so far, so good.
Sarah Y., Folsom, CA