Shopping online for cannabis seeds

Pacific Seed Bank is definitely a name that you need to know when you shop for cannabis seeds for sale in Fresno. Why Pacific Seed Bank? Because Pacific Seed Bank has an enormous selection of premium quality, feminized cannabis seeds, all of which you can purchase quickly and conveniently online from your smartphone or your computer, at any time of the day or the night. Pacific Seed Bank will ship your seeds right to you, at your preferred shipping address, making the entire shopping experience completely private. And, did we mention that there is no need to worry about receiving dud cannabis seeds when you shop with Pacific Seed Bank, thanks to our germination guarantee?

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Cinex Feminized

Alaskan Thunder Fuck FeminizedLamb’s Bread FeminizedCinex Feminized
Flowering Time55-65 days60-70 days50-60 days

Cannabis seed benefits

Some people decide to dabble in growing their own cannabis plants in order to receive its recreational benefits more conveniently (like lowering inhibitions and stress levels). And, other people decide to grow their own marijuana plants because they are aiming to improve the health and wellness of themselves or their loved ones. Research has shown that cannabis can have very positive impacts on people suffering from a range of different medical conditions, like:

  • Glaucoma
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety
  • And others

Legal to shop for Fresno weed seeds

When you are shopping for weed seeds in the state of California, please know that the purchase of ungerminated cannabis seeds is legal. There are many states in the USA, and other countries around the world, who are in the process of updating their laws related to marijuana use and possession. If you ever have any questions about the legality of a particular cannabis purchase, it’s probably wise to do a current search in your particular area before finalizing the sale.

How to prepare cannabis seeds for planting

When you receive your cannabis seeds from Pacific Seed Bank, you might be tempted to put your seeds in some soil in a well-draining pot and call it a day. But, first, before planting those cannabis seeds, you need to be sure that you take some time (about a week) to germinate your cannabis seeds. Germination requires you to provide your seeds with moisture, darkness, and warmth, in order to draw out a small tap root from each seed. Pacific Seed Bank offers a great deal of educational resources on our website to help out any customers who aren’t sure how to properly germinate their marijuana seeds. That’s right–Pacific Seed Bank is more than just a great place to buy cannabis seeds for sale in Fresno. We are pleased to be a source for additional tips and tricks on how to best grow cannabis.

I’ve placed three or four orders from Pacific Seed Bank and I’ve been really happy with all of the cannabis seeds I’ve received. I’ve never had to contact them about the germination guarantee because the seeds have all germinated well.
Cindy E., Fresno, California