Buying the best cannabis seeds

There’s no place to shop for cannabis seeds for sale in Los Angeles quite like Pacific Seed Bank. Pacific Seed Bank makes the entire marijuana seeds hopping experience private, convenient, and foolproof by offering high quality cannabis seeds, sourced from all over, including locally, that are available to shop for online at any time of the day or night from your own smartphone or computer. Pacific Seed Bank seeds are backed by our germination guarantee, which states that if less than ninety percent of your cannabis seeds germinate successfully, we’ll replace them, simple as that.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Herijuana Feminized

Tangie FeminizedRed Headed Stranger FeminizedBlue Dream Autoflowering
Flowering Time55-65 days70-80 days50-60 days

Legal to shop for Los Angeles cannabis seeds

It is legal to shop for ungerminated cannabis seeds in the state of California. As you may be aware, many states around the USA are updating and revising their laws related to cannabis use and possession, and with that enhanced legality and availability, there is a great deal more research about cannabis and its many benefits that is being undertaken. As more and more parts of the country and the world consider legalizing or broadening the legalization of cannabis, we can be sure that more and more research will lead to more and more promising uses for this natural substance that have not yet been discovered.


Shopping for premium cannabis seeds

Pacific Seed Bank is sure to have all of the different cannabis seeds that you’re seeking, thanks to our extensive selection of seeds, which also includes high CBD marijuana seeds as well as autoflowering cannabis seeds. No matter which seeds are your preference, you’ll find a convenient way to shop for the cannabis seeds that you need when you utilize Pacific Seed Bank’s website and online ordering system. In addition to selling a great range of cannabis seeds, Pacific Seed Bank also has a great deal of information about how to successfully grow marijuana plants on the educational section of our website.

How to prepare weed seeds to be planted

If you’ve just received your Pacific Seed Bank feminized cannabis seeds for sale in Los Angeles and aren’t sure what to do next, be sure to visit the handy germination guide on Pacific Seed Bank’s website. That’s where you can read all about the germination process, including more details on the germination method that Pacific Seed Bank recommends (and requires you to follow if you plan to take advantage of Pacific Seed Bank’s germination guarantee). This germination method involves soaking your weed seeds in pure or distilled water for a period between fourteen to eighteen hours, followed by four to seven days of sitting on damp paper towels in a warm spot until small tap roots begin to emerge from each seed.

After ordering cannabis seeds from a bunch of different companies, I can say with confidence that I’ll only shop at Pacific Seed Bank from now on. They have the best selection and customer service.
Tammy P., Los Angeles, California
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