Get your pot seeds shipped to Louisiana today

Greetings to all the residents of the great Bayou State, and welcome to our official blog. We have prepared an exciting announcement just for you: Pacific Seed Bank cannabis seeds are now available in your area! Yes, you! If you’ve never heard of us before, allow us to fill you in. Operating out of the sunny state of California, Pacific Seed Bank is one of the top online retailers of cannabis seeds in the country, offering a robust catalog of strains to choose from. In fact, we currently have over 500 individual strains, and that number continues to grow by the day. Now, we know that such a wealth of options can be somewhat tricky to navigate, or even stressful if you’re new to this whole thing. That is why we’ve taken the liberty of outfitting our website with a dedicated support module complete with live assistance from our friendly customer service reps. Simply type in your inquiry and within moments, someone will be with you to help narrow down your search. Oh, and have we mentioned that all orders now qualify for our fast, reliable, FREE nationwide shipping? Well they do! These are just a few of the reasons why it’s a fantastic moment to buy cannabis seeds in Bossier City.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized

Alaskan Thunder Fuck FeminizedBubblegum AutofloweringPurple Kush Autoflowering
Flowering Time55-65 days55-65 days40-50 days

So does this mean weed is legal in Louisiana now?

Unfortunately, not yet. Louisiana still has some comparatively harsh fines for cannabis-related infractions, with even a first offense of possessions of less than 14 grams holding the possibility to result in brief incarceration. Despite this, the state’s medical marijuana program has quite recently been expanded in some big ways, with the new laws taking effect at the beginning of August 2020. Under the expanded program, a qualified physician can now prescribe medical cannabis for any condition they deem to be debilitating to the patient. In addition, another law protects medical cannabis businesses and physicians from state or federal penalties. This is significant because the confusing and mixed nature of cannabis legality has presented significant hurdles for these parties in the past.

We also feel it’s important to point out that, even despite the federal illegality of cannabis, there are no laws that can prevent or punish the sale of pot seeds in the US, even if they’re going into illegal states. So hopefully this may provide some peace of mind to anyone considering placing an order.


What’s the deal with medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana shares a lot of similarities with strains that are considered to be recreational, but the two differ in some key areas. The cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that gets users ‘high’ can usually be found in both, though generally in much smaller quantities with medical cannabis. Instead, medical cannabis relies on the effects of cannabidiol (CBD), which has been shown to provide patients a host of healing properties and medicinal benefits. Its effects can also be compounded by sister cannabinoids cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG) which are also often found in medical strains. For those interested in cultivating their own medical cannabis, here are a few of our more popular varieties:

And of course there are many more like these available on our store page. Truly, it is a fantastic moment for buying cannabis seeds in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Being able to grow my own marijuana at home has been a life-saver. There’s not many dispensaries in my area and while I appreciate the program as a whole, it’s still hard to get the kind of relief I need. You guys have really made it easy on me. Thanks, PSB
David K., Bossier City, LA