How To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Shreveport

When you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in Shreveport, turn to Pacific Seed Bank. Our cannabis experts have created an impressive online catalog filled with hundreds of unique strains. Whether you are looking for high-CBD seeds for aches, or just want to try a top-seller like Sour Diesel, we have you covered. Our selection of sativas, indicas, and hybrid seeds will meet both your recreational or medical needs. To see for yourself, simply browse our website, pick out your favorite strains, and place your order. We accept a number of convenient payment methods, including credit card, Zelle, Bitcoin, and payment by mail, so it’s always easy to buy seeds from us. So why wait? There’s never been a better time to start collecting cannabis seeds in Shreveport!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Ewok Feminized

Big Devil AutofloweringEwok FeminizedSuper Lemon Haze Feminized
Flowering Time50-60 days55-65 days60-70 days

Can I Legally Buy Weed Seeds in Shreveport?

Yes, it is legal to buy weed seeds in all 50 US states, including Louisiana. This is because ungerminated marijuana seeds are classified as adult novelty items under federal regulations and there is no penalty associated with owning them. The seeds themselves contain no THC or CBD and therefore cannot get you high, even if you munch on them as a healthy snack (which many people do). You can easily start collecting weed seeds today by ordering from Pacific Seed Bank. However, for the time being, the use of cannabis is restricted in The Bayou State. Recreational use, including home cultivation is not allowed. Qualifying medical patients can possess up to a 30-day supply of non-smokeable preparations of cannabis.


The Best YouTube Channel For Learning About Cannabis

YouTube makes it easy to learn about anything. Whether it’s cooking tutorials, DIY projects, or makeup lessons, there is plenty of education to be found online. And yes, there are even cannabis growing tutorials. YouTube is home to a variety of marijuana growing education channels that cover topics like building a secret grow room, increasing cannabis plant yields, and how to feed and water autoflowering plants. No matter what you want to learn, it’s here. Here are some of our favorite channels for learning about cannabis:

  • Here We Grow
  • Cali Vision
  • From Seed to Stoned
  • Stoned Vision

Preserving Your Weed Seeds

So you’ve found a place to buy weed seeds and you took the plunge and decided to buy weed seeds in Shreveport. But maybe for one reason or another you can’t grow your seeds right away. Maybe you still need time to set up your grow room or need to wait for the laws in your home state to update. No worries! You can still easily store your seeds for long periods of time. Some users report their seeds keeping fresh for over a decade. To store your seeds, simply keep them in a cool, dry, and dark place. For best results, keep them in the fridge, in both a plastic bag and external airtight container. A film canister is also an ideal place because it will keep them out of the light. Another tip: try to touch your seeds as little as possible with your hands. The oils from our skin can wear away at their protective covering.

Our Best Selling Cannabis Strains

Want to start collecting seeds in Shreveport? Here are some of top-selling strains that we recommend you try for yourself:

Ordered from PSB for the first time and while I was a bit skeptical at first, I can honestly say that they are one of the best companies around. They have all the strains I’m looking for and hands down the nicest customer service. Thanks.
Eric L., Shreveport, LA