Massachusetts now has pot seeds

Have you been tirelessly searching for a reliable online retailer of cannabis seeds? Well, it seems that your search has finally come to an end, for you’ve stumbled upon the website of Pacific Seed Bank! Never heard of us before? Based out of the sunny state of California, Pacific Seed Bank is one of the top online retailers of cannabis seeds in the business. We offer over 500 varieties of cannabis seeds, with even more coming down the pipeline. So why California? Well, by now it’s no secret that the state has a bit of a reputation for being a ‘Pot Paradise’ or a ‘Marijuana Mecca’, and there’s a good reason for it. California has quite simply had a long headstart in developing a functioning marijuana industry, more or less beneath the radar of the law for much of it. But now that legalization has become a reality, we wanted to take some of the ample resources of this region and utilize them to the benefit of the rest of the country: we want people all over the US to be able to enjoy the same level of access to marijuana that Californians have had for decades. And that is why we’re so happy to be able to offer customers fast, reliable, FREE nationwide shipping on all orders. Yes, you read that correctly. Really, we just wanted you to have this amazing opportunity to buy cannabis seeds in Boston.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Harlequin CBD

Blueberry AutofloweringHarlequin CBDObama Kush Autoflowering
Flowering Time50-60 days50-60 days50-60 days

So is weed legal yet?

Yep, nothing to worry about here. Back in November of 2016, the state put to a vote the historic Question 4, which asked whether or not Massachusetts would legalize recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21. Garnering over 1.7 million ‘yes’ votes at a margin of 53%, the measure successfully passed. A narrow margin, but a successful movement nonetheless. During the 2019 window alone, the state saw over $420 million in revenue, generating around $70 million in taxes for the state, which ideally can be used to implement social programs and improve infrastructure, among other things.

However, in March governor Charles Baker made the odd decision to shut down the state’s 30+ dispensaries amid the Coronavirus pandemic. This unfortunate decision has lasted the duration of the stay-at-home orders, depriving the public and medical patients of access to marijuana, which for some people, is absolutely crucial. This flies against states like Oregon and Washington, which declared dispensaries to be an ‘essential business’, allowing them to stay open during the quarantine. Thankfully, however, Massachusetts dispensaries reopened on May 25 and will likely stay open throughout the summer.


What’s a good strain for me?

If you’re looking for recreational marijuana, a common choice is to look for a plant with a high concentration of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is where the psychoactive effects of consuming marijuana come from; in other words, THC is responsible for getting you ‘high’. For some great recreational strains, have a look at these options:

And of course, there are many more options like these where that came from. Yes, right now is the perfect time to buy cannabis seeds in Boston.

Ever since I started growing my own pot, I haven’t ever looked back! It’s really quite relaxing and you have no shortage of strains to choose from! Thanks, PSB.
George F., Boston, MA
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