Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Worcester

Massachusetts is the place to be for cannabis connoisseurs! And there’s no better place to get weed seeds in The Bay State than Pacific Seed Bank. We’re proud to supply high-quality seeds sourced from trusted breeders and farmers, all of which are backed by a 90% Germination Guarantee. This promise means that if less than nine out of 10 of your seeds fail to germinate we will gladly replace the duds free of charge. Our online catalog contains hundreds of unique marijuana strains, perfect for both medical and recreational uses. Simply take a look at our website, check out our marijuana education guides, and choose from our favorite strains. You can then place your order using our secure check-out process. From there, we will carefully hand-package your seeds and ship them out quickly and discreetly. Buying cannabis seeds in Worcester is easy with Pacific Seed Bank, so why wait? Get your grow on today!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

XJ-13 Feminized

XJ-13 FeminizedBlue Cheese AutofloweringGrape Ape Feminized
Flowering Time55-65 days50-60 days 55-65 days

Can I Legally Grow Cannabis in Worcester?

Cannabis is legal in the state of Massachusetts for residents 21 and over. The laws allow you to have up to 1 ounce on you and up to 10 ounces in your home. Additionally, you can grow up to six plants at a time in your home, with up to 12 plants for two or more adults. Six plants is plenty to start growing your own beautiful garden of green. And with so many positive benefits associated with home growing, there’s never been a better time to get started with this hobby. Not only can you save time and money in the long run, you can also have greater control over the quality and quantity.


The Best Weed Seeds For High Yields

When cultivating cannabis, growers aim to ideally produce high-quality, fragrant bud. And ideally lots of it. There are many factors responsible for determining the yield of your garden, including genetics, nutrients, climate, and grow mediums. Here are some strains with genetics known for producing higher yields on average. Consider planting these strains if you want a larger harvest this year.

Your Guide to High-Quality Cannabis

While what defines marijuana as “the best” is highly subjective, there are certain things you can look out for when assessing the quality of your cannabis. Firstly, the presence of seeds, stems, and leaves in your marijuana flower is a sign of lower-quality weed. Keep in mind that stems and seeds contribute to the overall weight. Why pay for a gram of weed when you’re only getting stems? Always ask to see the product before buying from a dispensary. Another thing to look out for is mold. If you spot some, it’s better to throw your bud into the trash, as visible mold could lead to illness. It’s also a good idea to take notice of the trichome density. When you see buds that look like they’re glistening or sweating, that’s a great sign of quality. The more frost, the better. In short, high-quality marijuana should appear bright and vivid in color. The smell should remind you of fresh-cut fruit, diesel, or cheese. With these tips in mind you’re on your way to finding the best quality weed. Buy cannabis in Worcester today and start growing your own!

I’ve shopped around at many different seed banks and Pacific continues to be the best. These guys have great product and their prices are competitive. Would recommend them to gardeners that want nice seeds for good prices.
Carrie H., Worcester, MA