Where To Order Cannabis Seeds in St. Clair Shores

These days, the best place to find cannabis seeds in St. Clair Shores is on the Pacific Seed Bank website. All you have to do is scroll through our selection of awesome seeds, each of which are reliably tested to ensure authentic genetics and sourced from trusted breeders in the industry. You can count on us to deliver the best seeds straight to your door, with super fast delivery times and discreet packaging. We believe so much in our seeds that we even back them with an industry-leading 90% Germination Guarantee. This means that even if you do happen to get a couple of duds in your order (hey, we’re only human!), we will replace them for you free of charge. There’s truly never been a better time to order cannabis seeds in Michigan and grow your own beautiful garden of green. So why wait? Buy cannabis seeds in St. Clair Shores and get your grow on!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Blueberry Kush Feminized

Blueberry Kush FeminizedBlack Jack AutofloweringLemon Haze CBD
TreatsStress, Pain, InsomniaStress, Depression, PainStress, Depression, Pain
Flowering Time55-65 days50-60 days55-65 days

Is Cannabis Legal in St. Clair Shores?

Yes, marijuana is most definitely legal in St. Clair Shores as well as the rest of Michigan for both medical and personal use. Whether you are looking to have a ready supply of cannabis on hand for when you need it most, or want to cultivate your own plants from the comfort of your own home, you can legally do it in The Great Lakes State. Residents 21 and over can possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and grow up to 12 mature plants at a time. 12 plants is the highest amount in any state that has legalized cannabis cultivation, with all other states allowing up to six plants. However, your plants must be kept in a secure area, away from public view. If you grow your plants outside, they need to be kept locked up and out of sight. 


The Surprising Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis

Just in case you needed any convincing, we’re here to tell you about some great benefits of cultivating your own cannabis seeds. Whether for medical or recreational use, there’s something for everyone to gain from having their own crop right in their backyard. A first benefit is the amount of control you have over quality and quantity as a grower. If you’re not impressed by the quality of weed from your local dispensary, the answer is simple: take matters into your own hands. Another clear benefit is that you can save money in the long run by buying seeds from a seed bank, versus purchasing from a dispensary. A single seed can provide up to $200 worth of cannabis. Other amazing benefits include the stress relief of having a hobby, as well as the ability to make your own hash and edibles. Are you convinced now? Go ahead and take a look at some of our best-selling seeds to help you get started with this super rewarding hobby:

I first heard about Pacific from a friend who told me they had super fresh seeds. I ordered a batch of White Widow seeds and ended up being super impressed by quality and service. My plants are flowering now and I’ll definitely be purchasing another pack soon. Thanks guys!
Ricky S., St. Clair Shores, MI
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