Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Billings

Choose Pacific Seed Bank for the best cannabis seeds in Billings. We are an online seed bank with a well-stocked website offering hundreds of unique strains perfect for both medical and recreational use. We have reasonable prices, flat-rate shipping, and fast, discreet delivery. We also back all of our seeds with a 90% Germination Guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing that if less than nine out of 10 of your seeds fail to germinate, we will replace the duds free of charge. Whether you are looking for top-selling strains or hard-to-find varieties to treat your aches and pains, we are sure to have your perfect strain in stock on our digital shelves. So start browsing our website, pick your seeds, and place your order. We will deliver your seeds right to your doorstep. It’s never been more convenient to buy cannabis seeds in Billings.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Lodi Dodi Feminized

Lodi Dodi FeminizedDurban Poison FeminizedCream Autoflowering
TreatsLack of Appetite, Stress, DepressionStress, Depression, FatigueStress, Depression, Pain
Flowering Time60-70 days55-65 days45-55 days

Is Cannabis Legal in Billings?

Yes and no. Marijuana is currently illegal for recreational use despite a strong movement to legalize the plant for adults 21 and over. Hopefully this change will soon come to Big Sky Country. Medical cannabis is currently legal, however. The program allows qualifying patients to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow four mature plants and four seedlings at a time. This is plenty of plants to start your own beautiful garden of green and have a supply of all-natural medicine on hand for when you need it most. There’s never been a better time to order cannabis seeds in Billings, so start your growing journey with Pacific Seed Bank today!


The Best Weed Seeds for Beginners

Ready to start growing your own growing your own cannabis? Congrats, growing is a super rewarding hobby offering tons of great benefits for your mental health and wallet. If you are a newbie grower, you might want to consider starting out with seeds that are easier to grow. Autoflowering seeds will help anyone have a green thumb, since they remove some work from the growing process. Unlike regular marijuana seeds, they do not require a change in light to switch from the vegatative to the flowering state.Here are some great autoflowering seeds to try for yourself:

Surprising Benefits of Growing Cannabis

In case you needed any convincing, there are tons of benefits that come with growing your own cannabis. First of all, you have complete control over quality and quantity. You can also save money in the long run, since a single seed can provide $200 worth of marijuana. Then there’s just the simple stress and anxiety relief. Having a hobby and working outside in a garden will help you get some fresh air and vitamin D, both of which are good for your mental health. Surely there’s something for everyone to gain from growing cannabis. Buy cannabis seeds in Billings today and see for yourself.

My first order with PSB was a pleasure. Great customer service and swift delivery. This is hands down the best place to get seeds in Montana. They seem to really know what they are talking about and were helpful in telling me about the different strain uses.
Pamela G., Billing, MT
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