Cannabis Seeds for Sale in Nebraska

If you live in Nebraska and are interested in ordering cannabis seeds, let Pacific Seed Bank be your go-to weed seed shop. Our wide selection of autoflowering, feminized, and CBD seeds takes the guesswork out of your seed buying experience. We have a friendly customer service team ready to help answer any of your questions, and our website features a detailed marijuana education guide. You can also trust in our seed quality, since we source all of them from trusted breeders and lab-test to ensure authentic genetics. Choose Pacific Seed Bank to buy cannabis seeds in Nebraska and start growing your enviable seed collection today.

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

Blue Amnesia AutofloweringTahoe OG FeminizedPresidential OG Feminized
THC Level18%20%20%
Flowering Time40-50 days55-65 days55-65 days

Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds in Nebraska?

It’s always legal to purchase cannabis seeds in Nebraska. Ungerminated, they are classified as adult novelty souvenirs and pose no risk legally or medically. Under federal regulations, there is no penalty associated with buying or owning the seeds. They contain no THC or CBD, so you can munch on them as a healthy snack (which many customers do) without getting high. As far as other cannabis laws in The Cornhusker State go, they are still fairly restrictive. Cannabis is not legal for medical or recreational use, although possession of small amounts has been decriminalized for first-time offenders. There is a big push to establish a medical marijuana program in the state, so hopefully this initiative gains steam and cannabis becomes more accessible to residents of Nebraska. 


The Best Weed Seeds For Gym Motivation

What if we told you that smoking weed can actually make you more motivated to work out? It might sound too good to be true, but there are plenty of energizing strains out there that can make you ready for anything. In most cases, you’ll want to narrow your search down to sativa strains, since they are more likely to come with increased energy, euphoria, and mind/body alertness. Combine one of these strains with your favorite pump-up playlist and you’ll feel more driven than ever for your yoga, pilates, or personal training session. Here are some of our favorite motivating weed seeds:

How To Store Your Cannabis Seeds

Want to order cannabis seeds but worried about not being able to grow them right away? Don’t fret! Whether you need more time to set up your grow room or want to wait for the laws in your state to change, you can safely and easily store your seeds. Cannabis seeds stay fresh for years, and some users even report seeds staying viable for over a decade. To keep your seeds ready for when you want to grow them, simply store them in a cool, dry, and dark place. If you are storing them for a longer period of time, experts recommend keeping them in the fridge. Wherever you store them, they should be in a plastic bag and external airtight container.

In terms of price, availability, and customer service nothing beats Pacific Seed Bank. Had a small issue with one order but they were really nice to deal with and responsive. While I have not planted any seeds yet, I can say that the seeds look great and I’m looking forward to growing them when the time is right.
Erin R., Bellevue, NE

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