Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Asheville

When you’re shopping for cannabis seeds in Asheville, make Pacific Seed Bank your first stop. We offer a curated selection of high-quality seeds, sourced from trusted breeders and farmers in the industry. Each seed is lab-tested to ensure authentic genetics and carefully inspected by us to make sure our customers receive only the highest quality seeds. Under our 90% Germination Guarantee, if less than nine out of 10 seeds fail to germinate, we will gladly replace your duds free of charge. We ship worldwide and Asheville residents can purchase seeds from us without worrying about penalties, since ungerminated marijuana seeds are classified as adult novelty items under federal regulations. We make it easy to buy cannabis seeds in Asheville, so why wait? Start browsing our website and place your order today!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Purple Urkle Feminized

Purple Urkle FeminizedObama Kush FeminizedLodi Dodi Feminized
Flowering Time55-65 days60-70 days60-70 days

Cannabis Laws and Policies to Know in Asheville

Curious about specific cannabis laws in your neck of the woods? The Tar Heel State is sadly home to some of the country’s strictest cannabis regulations. Recreational use is not currently allowed in the state, and even possessing small amounts under 0.5 ounces is considered a misdemeanor and comes with fines. The medical program is also rather limited, only allowing patients with certain medical condition to use low-THC, high-CBD oils. Hopefully the laws will become more relaxed in the future and more people will have access to this healing plant.

How To Pair Cannabis Terpenes With Food and Drink

Want to step up your foodie game? Consider pairing your favorite meal with a matching cannabis strain! Cannabis strains contain terpenes, which are naturally-occurring chemical compounds responsible for flavor, aroma, and smell. Terpenes are found in varying concentrations in each strain, and in most cases a strain will produce two or more terpenes. They are also found in food, which is where the fun of pairing comes into play. While there is no right or wrong way to pair them together, some combinations appeal to more tastebuds than others. Once you’ve mastered basic combinations like fruit and chocolate, you can begin to experiment with more unusual pairings and tap into your inner chef. Here are some delicious pairings we can’t get enough of:

I’ve been searching for a go-to seed bank and PSB has put an end to the hunt! They are by far the best seed buying experience I’ve had online and their selection includes some seriously great strains. My seeds have consistently arrived on my doorstep, fresh and on time. Doesn’t get better than that!
Jessica R., Asheville, NC
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