How To Get Cannabis Seeds in Charlotte

When it comes to the best cannabis seeds, Charlotte residents choose Pacific Seed Bank. Why? Because our premium seeds come backed by an unbeatable germination guarantee, friendly customer service, and extensive growing tips and tricks. We’re your source for great weed seeds and detailed marijuana education. We carefully hand select all of our seeds and make sure to inspect them for quality before sending them quickly and discreetly to your doorstep. Since our seeds are sourced directly from our partner breeders and farmers, we know they are safe and reliable. You can count on us for the best seeds in Charlotte and the United States. Want to see for yourself? Simply place your order online today and buy cannabis seeds in Charlotte.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Raskal OG Feminized

Blue Amnesia AutofloweringRaskal OG FeminizedGranddaddy Purple Feminized
Flowering Time40-50 days50-60 days50-60 days

Cannabis Laws and Policies in Charlotte

In Charlotte and the rest of North Carolina, residents who are registered as medical marijuana patients can legally possess up to three ounces of herbal medical cannabis. Medical patients need a doctor recommendation and have one of the qualifying conditions. Unfortunately the medical marijuana program does not allow for home growing. But whether you are a medical or recreational user, you can still legally purchase cannabis seeds in North Carolina and all 50 states. Buying marijuana seeds is permitted in the country under federal regulations, as the seeds are classified as adult novelty souvenir items. The seeds themselves do not contain THC or CBD, and even eating them (which many customers do for a healthy snack) will not make you high.


Mental Health Benefits of Cannabis

There are many positive benefits associated with the cannabis plant, many of which are mental health related. Marijuana can tell your mind to check out and help you take a pause, which can make news headlines bother you less, your dinner taste better, and more. Cannabis can also help spark more creative ideas and anxiety. Sativa strains can make you feel more alive and sprightly, providing the energy. On the other hand, indicas generally boost relaxation and dreaminess, making them a great choice for people experiencing anxiety.

The Best Citrus-Flavored Weed Seeds

Want to put a pep in your step, naturally? Our citrus-flavored weed seeds can give you a natural, energizing boost. They possess the terpene limonene, which gives them their citrus flavor. Terpenes are part of the molecular building blocks of all plants, responsible for the complex, luscious aromas of different cannabis strains. Limonene is known for its ability to help lift mood and combat symptoms of anxiety, as well as reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system. We’ve put together a list of our top citrus-flavored weed seeds. Take a look:

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