Where To Get Cannabis Seeds in North Dakota

If you have long considered buying cannabis seeds, now is the time! Pacific Seed Bank is now delivering high-quality seeds to North Dakota and across the country. All you have to do is place your order online and we will ship your seeds right to your doorstep. When lovingly tended and cared for, weed seeds grow into your own, all-natural medicine. We recommend buying from us because we have an impressive selection, an excellent germination guarantee, and we test all of our products. All seeds come from trusted breeders, both within the United States and beyond. So you can shop for seeds locally, if that’s your thing, or you can find seeds from far corners of the globe. In addition to the great seeds we offer, we also have plenty of growing tips and tricks on our website. Feel free to take a look and buy cannabis seeds in North Dakota.

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

Hawaiian Dream CBDGreen Crack FeminizedBlue Mango Autoflowering
THC Level3%18%18%
Flowering Time60-65 days55-65 days50-60 days

Preserving Your Cannabis Seeds

So you’ve gone ahead and placed your order for cannabis seeds. Congratulations! Growing is a super fun and rewarding hobby. But there may be a few reasons stopping you from growing right away. Maybe the laws in your home state currently prohibit home cultivation, or maybe you need to set your grow room still. Whatever the reason, you can easily store your cannabis seeds and have them ready when you are. Seeds can stay fresh for years at a time and some users report seeds remaining viable for over a decade! Simply keep your seeds in a cool, dry, and dark environment. It’s best to keep them in a plastic bag and external airtight container, and for best results, store in the fridge. With these tips in mind you’re well on your way for successful seed storing.


Is Cannabis Legal in North Dakota?

Yes and no. Medical marijuana is currently legal in North Dakota for qualifying patients with a doctor recommendation. Patients with a qualifying condition can legally possess up to three ounces of herbal medical cannabis. However, home growing is not legal for either medical or recreational users. Hopefully cannabis laws will continue to update within the Peace Garden State in the future. Until then, you can still legally purchase weed seeds from places like Pacific Seed Bank. Under federal regulations, seeds are classified as collector’s items and there is no penalty associated with simply owning them.

The Best Weed Seeds For Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Insomnia affects millions of Americans and can severely impact their daily lives. The good news is that cannabis can help you get a good night’s sleep. The plant delivers plenty of sleepy chemicals making it easier to fall and stay asleep. Here are some of our top picks for weed seeds that help subdue insomnia. Take a look:

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One of the fairest and friendliest seed banks you can find. Processing and shipping can take some time but you won’t regret it! The strain selection is a dream and each seed type has a detailed description which makes picking out the right strains super easy. Can’t wait to order again from PSB.
Emily H., Bismarck, North Dakota