Order Cannabis Seeds in Clarksville

Hey there Clarksville, want to know a secret? Pacific Seed Bank is the best source for weed seeds in the country. We are an online seed bank that ships seeds quickly and discreetly, right to your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Hop on our website today and start perusing through your favorite seeds. We carry an impressive selection of hundreds of different strains. Pick out your favorite strain and order using our secure online check-out process. From there, your seeds will be delivered to your doorstep within days. Any questions about buying cannabis seeds in Clarksville? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team by phone call or email.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Snoop’s Dream Feminized

Snoop’s Dream FeminizedHawaiian Dream CBDIngrid Feminized
Flowering Time55-65 days60-65 days50-60 days

Cannabis Laws and Policies in Clarksville

Wondering about the cannabis laws and policies in Clarksville? Currently laws are pretty strict in Tennessee. Recreational cannabis is illegal, along with home growing, and both are considered crimes that come with heavy penalties. Only non-intoxicating forms of CBD are allowed. One piece of good news is that you can still purchase cannabis seeds legally. Trust us, it is completely legal under federal regulations, which allow for ungerminated marijuana seeds to be bought and sold across the country. So you can go ahead and order from us today, risk-free!


How to Store Your Cannabis Seeds

Congrats, you’ve found the perfect place to buy cannabis seeds on the internet! If you are unable to grow your seeds right away due to unfriendly cannabis laws in your state or simply need time to set up your grow room first, you can easily keep your seeds fresh for long periods of time. Cannabis seeds store well for years at a time, and some users have reported storing their seeds for over a decade. To begin, you just need to keep your seeds in a dry, cool, and dark environment. If you’re storing for a longer amount of time, the fridge is a good place to keep them. Other things to keep in mind include handling seeds as little as possible with your hands, as oil on our skin can wear away at the seed’s outer covering. Happy storing!

Our Cannabis Weed Seed Germination Guarantee

One of the best things about ordering from Pacific Seed Bank is our Germination Guarantee. All of our weed seeds come backed by our 90% guarantee, which means that if less than nine out of 10 of your seeds fail to germinate we will replace the duds free of charge. No questions asked — you just have to cover the cost of shipping. To qualify for this guarantee, simply follow our easy Water Glass / Paper Towel Germination Method. Want to buy cannabis seeds in Clarksville? Here are some great strains to get you started:

Second time ordering from PSB and no problems at all. For me this is the best seed company around and I trust them completely to deliver expert marijuana knowledge and beautiful seeds.
Sammie L., Clarksville, TN