Cannabis Seed Delivery to Jackson

Looking for cannabis seeds that you can legally order in Jackson? Look no further than PSB. With hundreds of premium strains available now on our website, we make it super easy to get your hands on the best weed seeds around. All of our seeds are sourced from reliable breeders and come with authentic genetics. There’s also our 90% Germination Guarantee, which means if less than nine out of 10 of your seeds fail to germinate we will gladly replace the duds free of charge. Though home cultivation is still frowned upon in Tennessee, collectors are free to legally purchase and own cannabis seeds as adult novelty items, so long as they do not intend to actually grow the seeds. We make it easy to start growing your collection of premium seeds, so get started today and buy cannabis seeds in Jackson.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Lamb’s Bread Feminized

Lamb’s Bread FeminizedRed Headed Stranger FeminizedKali Mist Feminized
Flowering Time60-70 days70-80 days70-80 days

Is Cannabis Legal in Jackson?

While more and more states are taking steps to legalize cannabis in some form or another, Tennessee still has some pretty harsh marijuana policies. The possession of up to one half of an ounce comes with jail time and a $250 fine, even for first time convictions. Home cultivation of the plant is not allowed. And while there is a medical marijuana program, only the use of low-THC, high-CBD oil is allowed for seizure patients. Hopefully the laws will change sometime in the near future, as the healing benefits of this plant become more recognized. If you want to make your voice heard, you can always contact local lawmakers, join activist groups, and remember to get out there and vote.


The States With The Most Dispensaries Per Capita

Curious which state is home to the most dispensaries? We’ve rounded up the states with the most dispensaries per capita. And when we say per capita we mean per 10,000 residents. If you were expecting California or Colorado to take the top spot, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. The state with the most dispensaries per capita is actually Oregon. The Beaver State has 16.5 dispensaries per capita. It’s followed by Oklahoma (yes, you read that right) and Montana. The states with the least dispensaries are as follows: Utah, Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri. There are a number of different factors that contribute to the numbers, including legalization, walkability, and employment rates.

The Best Citrus-Flavored Weed Seeds To Try Now

Want to add a burst of flavor to your next smoking session? Consider trying one of our great citrus-flavored strains. WIth flavors like lemon, grapefruit, orange, and limes, these uniquely tasty strains offer an amazing experience. Beyond their great smell, they contain terpenes which are naturally occurring chemical compounds. Terpenes possess a variety of medical benefits. Here are some of our favorite citrus strains:

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