Cannabis Seed Delivery in Nashville

Are you on the hunt for totally awesome cannabis seeds in Nashville? Pacific Seed Bank is your one-stop weed seed shop with hundreds of different, unique strains to choose from. All of our seeds are sourced from trusted breeders in the industry and are lab-tested to ensure authentic genetics. We get our seeds both locally within the United States and around the world. All seeds are backed by our 90% Germination Guarantee and we will replace your duds should less than nine out of 10 fail to germinate. Go ahead and place your order today, and buy cannabis seeds in Nashville.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Bay 11 Feminized

Bay 11 FeminizedGelato FeminizedPanama Red Feminized
Flowering Time60-70 days60-70 days75-85 days

The Best CBD Weed Seeds for Stress

Feeling stressed out? Between work, life, family and more our day to day lives are often crazy busy and it’s easy to get a little (or a lot) stressed out. Cannabis is known for its soothing properties and its ability to make one feel super calm and relaxed. Here are some of our top picks:


Shop for Cannabis Seeds Conveniently

Here at Pacific, we are all about making the shopping experience as convenient as possible. Our friendly customer service team can be reached by phone call or email for questions or concerns. And, we also accept a variety of convenient payment methods. Whether you want to pay by cash or card, we are here for it. Take a look at the payment methods we accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • BitCoin
  • Zelle (US only)
  • Payment by Mail (Cash or check)
  • E-Transfer (Canada only)

Is Cannabis Legal in Nashville?

Want to hear the bad news first? Tennessee is home to some of the strictest cannabis laws in the country. That means marijuana is not allowed for recreational use, including home growing. And medical marijuana is only allowed in the limited form of CBD oil. Ok, now ready for some good news? You are still able to legally purchase cannabis seeds from places like Pacific Seed Bank and other online seed banks. It is completely legal under federal regulations to buy and sell cannabis seeds across the country, since they are classified as collector’s items. So you can place your order with us today, risk-free! 

I ordered autoflowering seeds from Pacific and I honestly cannot be happier with them. The seeds arrived quickly and the customer service team was friendly / helpful. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Teri J., Nashville, TN