How To Purchase Cannabis Seeds in Mesquite

Want to check out cannabis seeds in Mesquite? The Pacific Seed Bank website is your go-to source for high-quality seeds. We carry a top-notch variety of fresh seeds, including hundreds of different strains for both medical and personal use. Our seeds are all available for online purchase and delivery, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to have seeds sent straight to your front door. Every seed we offer is sourced from trusted breeders and we carry fully feminized, autoflowering, and high-CBD seeds. We want to make sure your experience is great from start to finish, so not only do we have fast delivery times but we also back all of our seeds with an industry-leading 90% Germination Guarantee. If you do happen to get a few duds in your order, we will replace them free of charge, no questions asked. So what are you waiting for? Start growing your seed collection and buy cannabis seeds in Mesquite.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Laughing Buddha Feminized

Laughing Buddha FeminizedGrapefruit FeminizedAmnesia Lemon Feminized
Flowering Time80-90 days60-70 days60-70 days

Cannabis Laws and Policies in Mesquite

Here in Mesquite and the rest of The Lonestar State cannabis laws remain fairly restrictive. Recreational use is not legal and while there is a medical marijuana program in place, it only allows qualifying patients to use low-THC, high-CBD oils for their condition. Home cultivation is also not currently allowed in Texas, although you can still legally buy ungerminated weed seeds under federal regulations. The seeds themselves are classified as adult novelty items and can be legally bought and sold across the country and the rest of North America. There’s never been an easier time to get seeds delivered directly to your door, so take advantage of Pacific Seed Bank’s awesome collection and order from us today!


The Best Cannabis Bakers on Instagram

While not all of us are lucky enough to live in a state with legalized cannabis, it’s possible to find some amazing cannabis bakers in your neck of the woods with the help of social media. With just a few swipes you can discover your local bakers. Instagram is a great resource for connecting all types of creatives, including designers, artists, musicians, and cannabis bakers. Here are some of our favorite bakers on the app. Check them out:

  • @bakers_stash
  • @thc.bakery
  • @plantbased_edibles
  • @bakededibles

How To Pair Cannabis Terpenes with Food and Drink

If you want to take your foodie game to the next level, consider pairing your next meal with a complementary marijuana strain. The art of pairing comes down to marijuana terpenes, which are naturally-occurring chemical compounds responsible for the cannabis plant’s unique flavor and aroma. Terpenes are found in varying concentrations in different strains, and in most cases a strain will produce two or more terpenes. Terpenes are also found in food, which is where the fun of combining the two together comes into play. While everyone’s taste buds are different and your own combinations will probably be entirely unique, we have a few favorites to recommend. Check them out:

While a bit hesitant to order seeds online at first Pacific went above and beyond my expectations. Their website is super easy to navigate and didn’t have to wait long for my beautiful seeds to arrive in the mail. Yay!
Ryan S., Mesquite, TX