Where To Order Cannabis Seeds in Pasadena

Considering buying cannabis seeds in Pasadena? You’ve come to the right place. Pacific Seed Bank offers an amazing variety of seeds for both medical and personal use, all in one convenient place. Our website features autoflowering, fully feminized, and high-CBD seeds, all sourced from trusted breeders and farmers in the industry. When you order from us, your seeds will be hand-packaged and sent straight to your door, quickly and discreetly. Since cannabis seeds are considered an adult novelty item in Pasadena and the rest of North America, you are free to legally and safely purchase seeds from us. So why wait? Start growing your seed collection today with our selection of premium cannabis seeds!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Skunk Kush Feminized

Skunk Kush FeminizedBanana Kush AutofloweringBig Devil Autoflowering
Flowering Time50-60 days50-60 days50-60 days

Is Cannabis Legal in Pasadena?

Curious about cannabis laws in your neck of the woods? With more and more states making changes to their cannabis policies, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date. However, The Lonestar State remains fairly restrictive on cannabis use. Recreational use is illegal, and possessing amounts under two ounces or less is considered a misdemeanor and comes with a maximum punishment of 180 days jail time and a $2,000 fine. The use of medical marijuana is also fairly restricted, with the law only allowing qualifying patients to possess low-THC, high-CBD oil preparations. Home cultivation is not currently allowed for either medical or recreational purposes. However, it is still completely legal to purchase weed seeds, as long as they are ungerminated and you do not actually grow them. Pacific Seed Bank has some of the highest quality seeds around, along with superior customer service and delivery speed. If you want to grow your seed collection before legalization makes its way to Texas, start shopping with us today!

The Best Citrus-Flavored Weed Seeds To Try Now

Filled with fresh flavor and enticing aromas, citrus-flavored weed seeds are a great way to spice up your next smoking session. From lemon and lime to grapefruit and orange, there are tons of delicious strain varieties out there. Citrus-flavored strains get their unique scent due to the presence of limonene, a terpene found in citrus fruits. Limonene not only smells amazing, but has a number of healing benefits. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite citrus strains to help you brighten up your seed collection. Take a look:

Ordering from PSB was a breeze, no trouble at all. The seeds were easy to order and arrived in the mail within a week. The stealth packaging was also a clear highlight. Very discreet.
Maggie H., Pasadena, TX