Cannabis Seed Delivery to Bellevue

Looking for awesome cannabis seeds in Bellevue? Pacific Seed Bank is your answer! We are an online seed bank delivering high-quality seeds right to your doorstep. Our website is filled with a large variety of strains for every growing need. All seeds on our digital shelves come sourced from expert breeders and farmers we trust and are lab-tested to ensure authentic genetics. Many of our seeds are also from right here in the United States, so you can shop local if that’s your sort of thing. So what are you waiting for? Buy cannabis seeds in Bellevue today and get your grow on!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Laughing Buddha Feminized

Laughing Buddha FeminizedLaughing Buddha FeminizedAllen Wrench Feminized
Flowering Time80-90 days80-90 days70-80 days

Cannabis Laws and Policies in Bellevue

Want to know more about cannabis laws in the Evergreen State? Washington was among the first states in the nation to legalize cannabis for personal use in 2012 (medical marijuana became legal in 1998 from a ballot measure). Today, adults 21 and over may freely possess up to an ounce for personal use and possess up to seven grams of marijuana concentrate. Possession of more than one ounce but less than 40 grams is a misdemeanor and carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 24 hours in jail. As for home cultivation, qualifying medical marijuana patients can grow up to six plants at a time in their home.


The Best YouTube Channels For Learning About Cannabis

From DIY projects to cooking tutorials, YouTube is a great resource for learning new things. Even cannabis-growing tutorials are a thing on YouTube these days. If you want to learn more about cannabis and the growing process, there are plenty of great channels to check out. The From Seed to Stoned channel covers topics such as building a secret grow room, increasing cannabis plant yields, and when to harvest cannabis plants. Other great channels to watch include Here We Grow, Cali Green, and Stoned Vision. Give them a peek and brush up on all things growing-related.

The Best Weed Seeds For Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Millions of Americans suffer from insomnia and experience difficulty falling and staying asleep. Insomnia can be the worst but luckily cannabis can be an effective sleep aid for many people. THC strains are typically the most effective sleep aid, so if this type of strain doesn’t cause you anxiety it is probably your most reliable source for relaxing effects. We’ve put together a list of sedating weed seeds that will help you achieve a good night’s sleep. Take a look: 

Great customer service! They write back to you right away if you have a question and they will refund you if you do happen to get a couple of dud seeds. PSB has never failed me and can’t recommend them enough.
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