Cannabis Seed Delivery to Wyoming

Searching for high-quality cannabis seeds in Wyoming? You’ve come to the right place. Pacific Seed Bank is your go-to source for weed seeds in the Equality State. We carry hundreds of unique strains on our website, including popular classics and new favorites. Whether you are a beginner grower looking for tips and tricks or want to test your growing skills with our advanced strains, we have the seeds you want and need. So go ahead and take a look around our digital shelves, checking out our detailed descriptions. Once you pick out your seeds, you can place your order using our secure check-out process. From there, we will hand-package your seeds and get them sent out quickly and discreetly, right to your doorstep. It’s easy as pie! All seeds come backed by our 90% Germination Guarantee, so even if you do happen to get a couple of duds, we will replace them free of charge. So what are you waiting for? Buy cannabis seeds in Wyoming today!

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

Cannatonic FeminizedAK-47 FeminizedSnoop’s Dream Feminized
THC Level12%19%20%
TreatsStress, Pain, InflammationStress, Depression, PainStress, Pain, Fatigue
Flowering Time70-80 days55-65 days55-65 days

Cannabis Laws and Policies in Wyoming

Curious about the cannabis laws in your state? Wyoming currently allows medical CBD for people with epilepsy, but all other use of the plant is illegal, including home growing. Since cannabis has not been decriminalized in the state, penalties can be relatively harsh. Possession of three ounces or less is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and $1000 in fines. Anything more than three ounces is a felony. Hopefully these laws will ease up in the future and Wyoming will follow in the footsteps of other states that have legalized cannabis. In the meantime, you can still legally purchase cannabis seeds from places like Pacific. It is completely legal under federal regulations, so you can rest easy when you order from us.


The Connection Between Cannabis Flavor and Benefits

Most people have a personal favorite cannabis strain, or at least a favorite flavor profile. Maybe it brings back fond memories of high school or maybe it makes you feel inspired. The cool thing about flavors is that the compounds that are responsible for these different tastes and smells aren’t just innocuous byproducts. These terpenes have health benefits that compound the already therapeutic effects of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Terpenes interact with our bodies in specific ways. Some have been shown to fight tumors, while others can ease diabetes and nausea. Your favorite scents actually carry some pretty cool benefits. Alpha (a)-pinene, which is found in pine needs, rosemary and dill, is useful for enhancing alertness and memory retention. And limonene, which is in fruit rinds and peppermint, is known to improve mood and reduce stress.

Our Best-Selling Weed Seeds To Try Now

Ready to take the plunge and buy cannabis seeds in Wyoming? We have hundreds of amazing weed seeds right at your fingertips. And we’ve put together a list of some of our best-selling strains, to help you narrow down your search. Take a look:

The people here are A+ and I got my order just like I wanted. My White Widow and Green Crack seeds are looking great! Can’t say enough positive things, keep up the good work PSB!
Connor W., Casper, WY

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