How To Grow Your Own Marijuana Plants

Many novices are interested in the idea of growing their own marijuana but don’t know where to begin. If this sounds like you, some of your questions may include: Can I grow marijuana if I live in an apartment? Do I need special equipment? Is it even legal to grow marijuana? Well, hopefully, this article will answer some of those questions but we can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research before you grow. There are tons of resources out there dedicated to helping you grow the best garden ever. Once you’ve gathered enough wisdom to get started, buy marijuana seeds in Alberta from the pot professionals. Pacific Seed Bank offers an abundance of discreet shipping and payment options for your peace of mind, as well as the delivery right to your door.

get Marijuana Seeds in AlbertaThe marijuana journey is a highly subjective and personalized experience. No two growers have the exact same method, let alone the same unique strain. Pacific Seed Bank offers hundreds of strains to choose from, so feel free to get creative and try a little bit of everything. We know you can’t beat classics like indica-heavy Kush strains and high-CBD strains that are loaded with medical benefits. Also, don’t feel pressured to spend thousands of dollars on the *perfect* grow room. We know many customers that grow marijuana using nothing but

  1. natural sunlight
  2. some plant pots
  3. soil
  4. water spray bottle

Our seeds are so easy to germinate that you should have no problem at all getting started.

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Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

$100 OG Feminized

Sage N Sour AutoChocolate Thai FemLaughing Buddha Fem
THC Level16%15%18%
Flowering Time55-65 days90-100 days80-90 days

Is Growing Weed Seeds Legal?

Albertans don’t have to worry when it comes to the legality of growing marijuana anymore. As of 2018, it will be completely legal for adults in Canada to grow up to four marijuana plants in their own homes. The new laws are coming from the federal government’s Canada Cannabis Act that will legalize recreational marijuana since medical marijuana has already been legal for years. The laws will be the same across provinces for the most part but some things, such as legal age, are up to provincial discretion.

All in all, Canadian’s new weed laws are making marijuana much more accessible to adults which is great news. You can legally have up to 30 grams of marijuana on you. What are you waiting for? Get planting! You’re free to grow indoors, outdoors, or both! Here’s a little tip from us:

  • Be sure to pick a marijuana strain that aligns with your personal lifestyle and preferences.
  • Some growers prefer to do outdoorsy activities while others prefer to keep a low profile with indoor growing.
get Marijuana Seeds in Alberta
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Why You Should Grow Your Own Marijuana

Start growing your own marijuana and find a strain that’s right for you. At Pacific Seed Bank we have dozens of strains to choose from, each with a unique set of effects. While marijuana has had a controversial history, its bad rap is truly a shame because its health benefits are incredible. Cannabis health benefits include, but definitely are not limited to:

  • Soothing Arthritis
  • Stimulating Appetite
  • Anorexia

On our website, you will find detailed descriptions of every strain and its effects as well as what you can expect from growth and harvest. 

We know hundreds, if not thousands, of customers who’ve personally thanked us for providing them with the seeds to grow their own medicine at home. Growing marijuana can bring a sense of calmness, similar to gardening, for some. Others enjoy an excuse to get moving in the morning or step outside to tend to their plants. The best part is, you can customize your growing experience thanks to our large selection of strains and seed types.

get Buy Marijuana Seeds in Alberta

get Buy Marijuana Seeds in Alberta

Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Alberta

order Buy Marijuana Seeds in IdahoIf you are looking to buy marijuana seeds in Alberta, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Here at Pacific Seed Bank, we only supply you with the cream of the crop. Behind every seed we sell, there is a team of experts testing products and making sure that we uphold premium, medical-grade quality, and a 90% germination rate promise.

Find all of your favorite strains in our online inventory, including popular kush, diesel, and critical marijuana seeds, as well as specialty seeds such as high content CBD.

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