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If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds in Nanaimo whether you’re a novice or an expert grower, we have something for everyone. With over 100 unique strains, we have everyone’s favorite strain ready to order. Order online on our easy to use platform or over the phone with one of our knowledgeable customer service reps. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, or Bitcoin, and opt into extra discreet packaging at no extra cost. We have all of these options because your confidentiality is important to us. If you want to learn more about growing, check out our extensive blog with lots of handy tips, tricks, and trivia about growing marijuana.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Acapulco Gold Feminized

Acapulco Gold FeminizedAmnesia Lemon FeminizedAmnesia Lemon Fast Version Autoflowering
THC Level22%20%21%
TreatsAnxiety, Nausea, DepressionStress, Depression, NauseaDepression, Stress, Anxiety
Flowering Time70-80 days60-70 days50-60 days

Is Weed Legal in Nanaimo?

2018 will mark a historic year for weed laws in Canada! If you haven’t already heard, recreational marijuana will be completely legal. Some laws are still TBD, such as the laws surrounding edibles, so you can’t eat your weed just yet, folks! We’re sure that the road to incorporating legalized marijuana and smoothing out all the details will be long and windy but this is a huge leap in the right direction. We’re excited to see how the new weed laws affect the weed business in Nanaimo, but we’re more excited that adults can now grow up to four plants in their own home and totally bypass any sketchy dispensary business with their own awesome garden. What’s even better is that your gorgeous marijuana plants will be just as legal as growing basil on your windowsill!


Can Marijuana Cure Cancer?

We’re happy that there’s a lot of hype out there about the great things marijuana can do for people with cancer, although unfortunately weed cannot cure cancer. What it can do, on the other hand, is greatly lessen the discomfort that cancer patients feel from the disease itself and the harsh treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. There is even some evidence that, when used in combination, marijuana can increase the ability of radiation to combat cancer. Marijuana has also been shown to fight other harmful side effects that come with a diagnosis such as

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Chronic, neuropathic pain
  • Anxiety and depression

With our premium weed seeds, patients can have a constant, personal supply of all natural medicine at their fingertips. Studies have shown that using marijuana can greatly lessen the need to take other drugs, such as painkillers. While side effects of marijuana are fairly negligible in comparison to the benefits, it’s important to note that marijuana can sometimes have effects such as paranoia that may affect your decision to use it in specific circumstances. Buy marijuana seeds in Nanaimo now and start growing your own all natural medicine.

Pacific is my FAV seed bank. There’s lots of good dispensaries around but even still I love growing my own- you pick a strain, you know that you’re not getting anything sketchy because YOU grew it yourself. And it definitely helps when the seeds you buy are super quality, which has always been my experience here!
Janine S., Nanaimo, BC.
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