Marijuana Seeds For Sale In New Westminster

Have you been looking for a fun new hobby? Maybe you’re in the market for high quality marijuana? Perhaps you are just looking for a solution to your irritating insomnia? Well, we’re stoked to tell you that we have a solution to all these things: Buy marijuana seeds in New Westminster now! Now we’re not trying to “Jack and the Beanstalk” you by telling you that our seeds possess magical properties to address all needs.. However, one our site you will find 100+ medical grade marijuana strains with full descriptions of what you can expect from their growth, harvest, and use. Order the seeds online and have them arrive quickly directly to your front door. Try our wonderful little seeds for yourself, and keep reading for more interesting info on growing!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains


Cannatonic FeminizedMazar AutofloweringACDC CBD
THC Level12%18%2%
Flowering Time70-80 days50-60 days60-70 days

Why Growing Your Own Weed Is Better

There are lots of reasons you should choose to grow your own weed. For one, this is a historic moment for the growing community but we’ll get to that later. Some reasons people love growing (and you will too) are

  • DIY is cheaper than buying marijuana in stores (ignore this point if you hate saving money)
  • It’s a super fun, challenging new hobby for people who love weed or gardening (or both!)
  • You know exactly where the weed you’re smoking is coming from
  • There are no reliable, high quality dispensaries near you

If any of these reasons sound familiar, it may be time to start growing your own marijuana. Marijuana also has many amazing healing powers that have been used by cultures around the world for hundreds of years. When you grow your own marijuana, you can have a homegrown, all natural supply of medicine that drastically reduces the need for  other drugs. If you or a loved one suffers from chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety, or asthma, you can find a perfect strain for you (we have over a hundred) and get growing. For medical use, we recommend the strains CBD Shark, CBD Moby Dick, or CBD Blueberry.


Is Growing Marijuana Legal In New Westminster?

We’ve already waxed poetic about why growing marijuana is amazing, and the incredible healing powers it possesses. However, your next question may be: are you recommending that we break the law? Of course not! While we know that people grow and use marijuana where it is not legal, we only recommend our customers to do so where it is allowed by law. This is why we’re stoked to tell you that marijuana will be completely legal in Canada as of October 2018, making Canada the second country in the whole world to do so! You will even be able to grow plants in your own home. This is why we’re recommending to our friends, customers, and even our great great aunts to buy marijuana seeds in New Westminster and seize this historical moment for marijuana in Canada.

I’m totally satisfied with my first experience with Pacific seed bank- I will be returning and recommending your business to my friends. Reliable, fast shipping, good quality seeds, and nice prices. Like really, what more could you ask of a seed bank.
Kat I., New Westminster, BC.