Barrie Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Buy marijuana seeds in Barrie from a company that’s only hidden agenda is to grow you the world’s most amazing marijuana plants. We have a directory of over 100 different medical grade strains that you can browse online. All you have to do once you pick the perfect strain for you is hit the order button and have the seeds at your front stoop in no time. You can opt into extra discreet packaging if you’re worried about discretion. You can also pay by Visa, Mastercard, or even Bitcoin- can you tell we like options? Hopefully this article will answer some of your questions and concerns about growing marijuana and you’ll be ready to grow your own all natural supply of medicine in no time.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Sour OG Feminized

Bubba Kush AutofloweringBlueberry Kush FeminizedSour OG Feminized
THC Level19%19%25%
TreatsPain, Stress, InsomniaStress, Pain, InsomniaPain, Anxiety, Lack of Appetite
Flowering Time50-60 days55-65 days55-65 days

Is Weed Legal In Barrie?

Today’s your lucky day if you’ve been waiting for marijuana to become legalized in Canada- because marijuana’s now been legalized in Canada! Canada is only the second country in the world to completely legalize marijuana making it a pioneer. Lots of kinks still have to be worked out, such as the legal age in some provinces, edibles laws, and how it will be sold legally but the general idea remains. This is a huge leap for mankind- okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but this is a big step. In Ontario, the legal age will be 19 and you will even be able to grow up to four plants in your own home so say goodbye to that sketchy dispensary- forever!


How To Grow Weed Indoors

You’ll need a bit more than just weed seeds to grow weed indoors, but rest assured that once you get the hang of it, growing will be an absolute blast. Even the harsh Ontario winters will be no match for your indoor garden. Some of the tools you absolutely will need to grow indoors are

  • A grow “room”, but a cupboard or closet will do just fine as long as it’s isolated from the rest of the house so you can control air flow
  • Lighting, such as LED or HID for best effect. You may be able to use fluorescent as well
  • Healthy soil, which you may want to fortify with nutrients such as an NPK mix depending on your environment/preference
  • Medical grade marijuana seeds of a strain of your choosing. We recommend the relatively easy to cultivate “autoflowering” seeds for novices

We also recommend doing quite a bit of your own research before you start growing. Fortunately, the weed community is generally very welcoming so you can hop on a forum online and ask lots of questions from people who have learned from trial and error for years. There’s also lots of books and articles you can read- our Pacific Seed Bank blog is a good place to start for lots of handy tips and tricks for growing and everything else cannabis. All that’s left to do is pick a perfect strain and buy marijuana seeds in Barrie.

I love the quality and convenience of Pacific seeds. Will definitely be returning and telling my friends
Tasha D., Barrie, ON.