Oshawa Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Buy marijuana seeds in Oshawa from the best marijuana seed bank in town. We make it easier than ever to order and grow your own stunning marijuana plants right in the comfort of your own home. First, scroll through our list of 100+ unique marijuana strains and pick your favorite. If you’re not sure, find a full description of what you can expect from its’ growth, harvest and use listed beside every strain. Then, pay with Visa, Mastercard, or Bitcoin and have the seeds shipped directly to your front door. As they say- the rest is history. Start growing your epic plants and become the talk of the town

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Critical Kush Feminized

Super Silver Haze FeminizedSnoop’s Dream FeminizedCritical Kush Feminized
THC Level20%20%21%
Flowering Time65-75 days55-65 days50-60 days

Is Marijuana Legal In Ontario?

October 2018 will forever be ingrained in our memories as the best month ever! Why, you ask? October 2018 is the month that marijuana is officially, completely, totally, unequivocally legalized in Canada! Recreational marijuana will be legal for adults in Ontario, although some of the smaller details are still being discussed, such as what to do with edibles. We’re excited to watch the news closely and see how this all plays out. One of the most exciting things, however, is that adults will be able to grow pot plants at home. In Ontario, you’ll be able to grow up to four per household. Not sure which strain to grow? Keep reading for more information on some of our favorites!


What’s The Best Pot Strain For Anxiety?

There’s really no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best strain- everyone’s bodies and preferences are completely different and therefore have different reactions. There are however some strains that are known to soothe anxiety and promote relaxation for many people. Typically, these anxiety reducing strains are indica strains and they can even make you sleepy so they are best used at night. Some of our favorites include

  • White Widow
  • Durban Poison
  • Mazar

There’s no shortage of amazing things that pot can do for health and wellness and we’re stoked that it’s now legal. Hopefully, legalization will lead to a lot more research about how we can apply marijuana in healthcare and help millions of people with this all natural solution.

Pacific’s seeds are some of the best I’ve tried and you could say I’m somewhat of a seasoned veteran. The quality is medical grade, I don’t have to go anywhere to pick them up, what more could I ask for? I’m quite the happy camper after a couple of purchases
Teddy K., Oshawa, ON.