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Buy Seeds in TorontoIf you’ve ever had an interest in marijuana or gardening, we have an exciting opportunity for you. If you have a passion for both, you should probably sit down for this. Pacific Seed Bank is the ultimate site for anyone looking to get involved in growing marijuana, expert and amateur alike. We offer a wide variety of strains and discreet delivery right to your door ASAP. For every strain you are interested in, there is a full description on our site of what you can expect from

  • growing
  • use
  • and harvesting your plant.

Beyond our great selection, we value your privacy as much as you do which is why you can order online or over the phone, and pay with Visa, Mastercard, or Bitcoin. You can even order additional padded, discreet packaging at no extra cost. When it’s so easy to do, buy marijuana seeds in Toronto online now.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

  • THC Level (%)

Golden Goat Feminized

  • Indica
  • Sativa
Buy Top Quality Marijuana Seeds in Toronto
Tangerine Dream FeminizedGolden Goat FeminizedAfghani Feminized
THC Level25%23%21%
TreatsDepression, Pain, AnxietyDepression, Lack of Appetite, NauseaPain, Anxiety, Insomnia
Flowering Time60-70 days65-75 days50-60 days

Why Grow Marijuana At Home?

There are lots of reasons you would choose to grow marijuana at home rather than buying it. For one, dispensaries can be notoriously expensive and poorly stocked. When you grow your own, you can choose from one of our hundreds of strains and find a strain that is exactly right for you. Whether your needs are treating chronic pains or lessening anxiety, you can grow a plant to help you out. How cool is that? This is only scratching the surface of the potential benefits of growing your own marijuana. Here are some more reasons you may choose to grow marijuana:

  • DIY is cheaper than buying from the store
  • It’s a fun, new hobby for anyone who likes gardening and a challenge
  • You know exactly what you are getting with your marijuana
  • You can pick and choose strains that are perfect for you

In the long-run, you can save a lot of money by growing your own weed at home. Think about how much money you spend at the dispensary every month. Granted, this also depends on how much you smoke on a regular basis. If you smoke every day (like we do), you probably go to the dispensary every month and spend at least $40. One single weed seed can produce up to $200 of marijuana. Pacific Seed Bank offers seeds in batches of

  • 3
  • 5
  • 10
  • 25 and so on.

That’s a lot of money sitting in your pocket right now, especially if you choose a strain with a higher-than-average yield. For beginners, we recommend that you buy a 3-pack from us just to get the hang of things. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many plants to take care of. Baby marijuana plants are pretty darn similar to human babies in that they need around-the-clock care and attention. Of course, you could also choose a more low-maintenance strain that pretty much takes care of itself. Auto strains are often the most resilient.


Is Growing Weed Even Legal?

So you’re looking into buying weed seeds. Your primary concern might be if it is legal to grow pot in the middle of the city. If it wasn’t, we’re only judging a little bit. Luckily, though, if you were worried about the legality of your new hobby the good news is that it will be 100% legal as of fall 2018. The federal government is passing an act that makes weed laws much more open in Canada. Recreational marijuana will be legal across Canada and adults will be able to carry as much as 30 grams on them. You can also grow up to four plants in your household. Some specific laws will vary by province, such as legal age which will be 19 in Ontario, but for the most part, these laws will be in place across Canada. Now that you have all of this info under your belt, get growing! Buy marijuana seeds in Toronto now. What better time to start than this historic year for Canadian weed laws?

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I didn’t think it was possible to grow marijuana seeds in the middle of the city but Pacific Seed Bank’s website gave me so much info on how to do it. The seeds were great quality- I was so happy with growing and harvest. Definitely my new one stop shop for the best seeds
Simon J., Toronto, ON.
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