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Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Mazar Autoflowering

XJ-13 FeminizedWilly’s Wonder FeminizedMazar Autoflowering
THC Level23%23%18%
Flowering Time55-65 days65-75 days50-60 days

What Is The Difference Between Indica And Sativa?

This is one of those questions that’s crucial to know before picking a strain to use or grow. Basically, indica and sativa are the two main species of cannabis. Almost every strain that you can find today is a derivation of one or a combination of the two- these combinations are called “hybrids”. The reason there is such a big distinction between the two is that they have completely different effects on users, and you should choose a strain that is better able to cater to your health needs. For example, sativa induces feelings of euphoria, creativity, and hallucinations. It gives you lots of energy making it better for a midday pick-me-up rather than before bed. By contrast, indica makes you feel deeply relaxed, calm, creating that notoriously stoned “in the couch” feeling. It can make you quite sleepy and is best used during the day. In reality, thought, most strains have a bit of both in them so their effects lie somewhere closer to the middle of the spectrum. If you’re unsure what to pick (we get it – we have 100+ strains to choose from!) here are some of our favorite strains:

  • Hindu Kush Auto
  • Critical Purple Autoflowering
  • Cheese Autoflowering
  • CBD Moby Dick

On our site, you’ll find a full description of every strain’s growth, harvest, and use so you’ll know exactly what to expect from your little plants. If you notice the label “autoflowering”, this also makes strains relatively easy to cultivate and therefore perfect for beginners!


Is It Legal To Grow Weed In Repentigny?

In Quebec, recreational marijuana is completely legal as of this year. Some things are still up for debate such as legal age and edibles laws, but for the most part this is a huge (and positive) change for Quebec. For now, the legal age will be 18- same as the legal alcohol age. Much to our dismay, Quebec is not following suit with the rest of Canada and is keeping growing illegal.  We’re hoping that this will change very soon. How can you ban citizens from growing all natural supplies of versatile medicine for conditions such as

  • Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Asthma

It is still legal to buy and sell marijuana seeds in Repentigny as a novelty item, which we wholeheartedly recommend. We absolutely do not want our customers growing marijuana seeds where it is illegal but we do want to put pressure on the Quebec government to get with the times!

Great experience with Pacific Seeds. They are prompt and friendly- the website is easy to use. I actually learned a lot about weed/ weeds seeds/ growing weed from the site and blog, and some really handy tips and fun facts
Perry U., Repentigny, QC.