Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Saskatchewan

Buy marijuana seeds in Saskatchewan now, with the click of a button. If you’ve thought about growing your own marijuana, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can it be cheaper and safer, since you know exactly where it’s coming from, growing your own marijuana can be an awesome hobby for lots of reasons.

deliver Buy Marijuana Seeds in SaskatchewanAt Pacific Seed Bank, find a wide variety of strains and a promise of premium grade seeds. We have a team of horticultural experts that guarantee a 90% germination rate. They are constantly testing the seeds we sell to make sure you are getting exactly what we promised. As part of our germination guarantee, growers can request replacement seeds if theirs are not up to par. We aim for a 90% germination success rate with every single batch. If your seeds do not pop or germinate, please take a photo and/or video and send it to customer service via email.

Most of our customers prefer to keep their purchases private, and as a result PSB always ensures that your Saskatchewan pot seeds are delivered to your door in a generic nondescript package. You will never find any tell-tale signs on the outside that indicate what the contents are. No more nosey postmasters to gossip in small-town Saskatchewan!

How do I buy marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank?

get Buy Marijuana Seeds in SaskatchewanPacific Seed Bank has endeavored to make your online purchasing an easy straightforward experience. Our streamlined site will guide you efficiently through selecting your Saskatchewan marijuana seeds, deciding on the quantity, and will prompt you through the checkout and delivery stages. If you already know which strain of Saskatchewan marijuana seeds you want to buy, the entire process should take you no longer than 5 minutes.

Owning, and possessing Saskatchewan marijuana seeds is perfectly legal. In some cases, if you have a medical marijuana card as of August/2016 you can even legally grow enough for your own personal consumption. We also carry high-content CBD seeds, as well as easy-to-grow autoflowering seeds. Whether you’re looking for a classic favorite or an innovative specialty seed, you’re sure to find it when you browse our digital catalog. Simply select your preferred cannabis seeds and check out online using our secure server.

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Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

Big Bud Autoflowering

Banana Cream OG AutoAK AutoHawaiian Dream CBD
THC Level26%19%3%
Flowering Time60-70 days55-65 days60-65 days

Where To Grow Weed Seeds

If you are a beginner just starting to grow weed, you may be wondering if you’ve got the chops to start this whole process. Some of our customers worry that they don’t have a huge property to grow plants. Not to worry- you can grow marijuana whether you live in a studio apartment or a sprawling property. However, you might need to get some specialized gear depending on where you live and what you are hoping to get from your harvest. Here’s a list of equipment you might need to grow marijuana in a smaller space such as a city apartment:

  • An airtight “room” (or cupboard)
  • Grow lights, such as LEDs, HIDs, or fluorescents
  • Good soil
  • Pot plants of different sizes
  • Seeds

This list is good to understand the basics. Your growing needs may vary, depending on your surroundings. What we can’t stress enough is the research you should be doing beforehand about the best strains and equipment for your particular needs. Once you’re set on the first few steps, click on it over to Pacific Seed Bank and get premium quality seeds shipped straight to your door.

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Is It Legal To Grow Marijuana In Canada?

2018 is the year of cannabis in Canada! That may be a bit dramatic, but it doesn’t change the fact that Canada’s weed laws are vastly changing as of fall 2018 to legalize recreational marijuana. It’s very exciting for pot enthusiasts all over the country because it means you can grow up to four plants in your home and possess up to 30 grams. Certain details of the act vary by province, but the general gist is the same around Canada. Whether you fancy yourself a cannabis connoisseur or a novice, buy marijuana seeds in Saskatchewan to celebrate this historic time for Canada! These are the seed varieties you can buy from our website…

  1. Autoflowering
  2. Clone
  3. Medical
  4. Feminized
  5. Regular

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Canada (as of 2020), it’s also legal to grow marijuana plants at home! What better way to celebrate Canada’s new laws than with a fresh batch of marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank? Yes, we deliver high-quality weed seeds directly your door and always in low-key packaging so one has to know. Your secret is safe with us. Not that you have to keep a secret cause marijuana is fully legal now! We can’t wait to see what other countries legalize marijuana in the future. We hope Canada’s example trickles over into Europe and other continents as well.

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I was absolutely blown away by the strain variety available on your website. The pages for each strain gave me tons of good info, and I even spoke with some awesome reps for more help when I ordered over the phone
Nat A., Saskatoon, SK.