Can Marijuana Cure Cancer?

Despite what you may have read online, marijuana cannot cure cancer. However, when used in combination with other treatments, marijuana can make the difficult road of a cancer diagnosis much smoother. Marijuana reduces the symptoms of the cancer itself as well as many of the harmful side effects that come with treatm. Weed can be used treat neuropathic pain, which is chronic pain that comes from nerve damage that cancer patients experience. Marijuana lessens the need for other painkillers and can even treat pains that other painkillers can’t, according to research. There is also evidence showing that when used in combination, marijuana can increase the ability of radiation to fight the cancer. More commonly known, cannabis also increases appetite while lessening nausea and vomiting, all of which are common side effects of treatment.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

  • THC Level (%)

Middlefork Feminized

  • Indica
  • Sativa
AK-47 FeminizedMiddlefork FeminizedSchrom Feminized
THC Level19%25%18%
TreatsStress, Depression, PainDepression, Anxiety, Lack of AppetitePain, Depression, Stress
Flowering Time55-65 days50-60 days65-75 days

Whitehorse Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Whatever your motivation is, you can buy marijuana seeds in Whitehorse at the click of a button and start growing your own personal source of all natural medicine. At Pacific Seed Bank, order online over our easy-to-use platform or on the phone. Browse through a selection of 100+ strain types. If you get overwhelmed with the options, don’t worry! We have a full description of what you can expect from every strain, as well as a detailed blog giving you helpful guides and tricks. We genuinely want your little marijuana garden to become the most epic garden!


Is Marijuana Legal In Whitehorse?

As of October 2018, recreational marijuana will be completely legal all around Canada! This is great news, especially for anyone looking to get their own grow room started because in Whitehorse, you’ll be able grow up to four plants in your own home. Some laws, like edibles laws, are still up for discussion but this is a huge step forward in making sure that Canadians are getting barrier free access to the amazing medicinal benefits of cannabis!

How To Grow Weed in Whitehorse

If you are a novice in growing weed seeds, we’re here to tell you that you can absolutely growing marijuana in Whitehorse. Your indoor garden won’t even falter during the harsh Canadian winters. You will need some special equipment to get started, but nothing too crazy! Most people get started with a specially designated space (anything from a small cupboard to a room), specialized lighting, nutrient rich soil, and seeds! Of course, for beginners, we recommend starting with strains that are relatively easy to cultivate before you move on to the trickier ones. Autoflowering seeds are typically the best for beginners- look for this label on our site! Some of the easier strains to grow are

  • Mazar
  • Cinderella 99
  • Great White Shark
I love Pacific Seed Bank for real. I haven’t been in the growing game too long but Pacific’s a great place to start because of all the options. They make you feel really comfortable about what you’re buying and you never feel sketchy at all- you know your info is always safe and you’re getting medical quality stuff
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