Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Dothan

Residents of Alabama are proud of their Southern roots and proud of their Southern culture.  Now, residents of Dothan can buy marijuana seeds in Dothan without leaving the comfort of their home!  Simply search our extensive catalog of cannabis seeds online, easily place an order and you’ll have your delivery of seeds in no time.  Our customers rave about how easy it is to buy marijuana seeds online with Pacific Seed Bank!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Blue Cheese Autoflowering

Blue Dream FeminizedACDC CBDBlue Cheese Autoflowering
THC Level17%2%20%
Flowering Time60-70 days60-70 days50-60 days

How Does a Marijuana Seed Bank Work?

Historically, seed banks have been used to preserve biodiversity.  They have been used for:

  • Research purposes – Seeds of the past that are stored in the bank may help with medical or other applications of plants in the future
  • To prevent the extinction of certain crops due to climate change
  • To prevent the extinction of certain crops due to natural or manmade disasters

Of course, a marijuana seed bank is a bit different from a traditional seed bank in scope and purpose.  A marijuana seed bank is simply a place where various strains of marijuana are stored and preserved. Those wanting marijuana seeds can then peruse the types of marijuana strains available from the seed bank and order the ones they want.

Pacific Seed Bank is proud of the variety of strains we offer.  We offer marijuana strains from all over the world – from the USA to Canada to Asia to Europe.  Our high CBD marijuana seeds are very popular.  We’re confident that you will find just the seeds you want at Pacific Seed Bank!


Marijuana Laws in Dothan

The laws concerning marijuana use, possession and cultivation in the state of Alabama are fairly restrictive; most things having to do with marijuana are currently illegal in Alabama.  Alas, this includes growing marijuana and nearly any kind of cultivation of the marijuana plant. Currently, a bill is before the Alabama legislature to legalize medical marijuana and the issue is hotly contested by both proponents and opponents to the bill.  Proponents claim that access to medical marijuana may mitigate the opioid crisis, since people would have another drug available to them for pain management. Alabama residents interested in marijuana seeds need not worry, however, as marijuana seeds are legal to order and buy wherever one is located within the United States.  This is because marijuana seeds are considered “adult novelty souvenirs” and not illegal products.

Weed Seeds for Sale Online

If you are looking to expand your collection of weed seeds and do not care to learn how to grow marijuana, Pacific Seed Bank has you covered!  We cater to consumers who desire cannabis seeds for all kinds of reasons. Our selection of seeds is truly vast – we currently carry over 300 kinds of cannabis seeds!  Buy marijuana seeds in Dothan today!

I was nervous at first about buying mj seeds online as I didn’t want my neighbors to know what I was buying. It’s none of their business what I choose to buy online! I was very pleased with the discreet and understated packaging from Pacific Seed Bank. With PSB, my purchases remain my business.
Wade C., Dothan, Alabama