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Residents of Madison, Alabama enjoy a fantastic city, a great quality of life and have a wonderful part of the country to call home.  Living in a city blessed with beautiful parks perfect for swimming and hiking, many Madisonites enjoy a full and active lifestyle. However, if a Madisonite is interested in buying weed seeds, there are not many places to go to buy marijuana seeds in Madison.  Never fear! Pacific Seed Bank is here! Pacific Seed Bank will safely and securely ship marijuana seeds to nearly anywhere in the world, and that of course includes Madison, Alabama. Alabamans can order seeds from us online, from the comfort of their own home, and their seeds will be shipped to their front door.  The process couldn’t be easier or more worry-free!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

  • THC Level (%)

Afgoo Feminized

  • Indica
  • Sativa
Lodi Dodi FeminizedAmnesia Lemon Fast Version AutofloweringAfgoo Feminized
THC Level23%21%25%
TreatsLack of Appetite, Stress, DepressionDepression, Stress, AnxietyStress, Fatigue, Headache
Flowering Time60-70 days50-60 days50-60 days

How to Grow Pot

Pacific Seed Bank is staffed with marijuana professionals who have spent over twenty years in the business.  We know all about the marijuana plant and its seeds.  We also know all about the intricacies of managing a pot business: the joys, the frustrations, the wheeling and dealing necessary to get the best prices for our customers.  We only offer the best quality seeds to our customers. It would be bad business to do anything else!


Is Marijuana Legal in Alabama?

Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states in the United States, both for medical and recreational use.  However, Alabama is a bit behind the trend in this regard. Growing marijuana is illegal in Alabama, as is possession of pot and buying and selling pot. You needn’t worry about the legality of buying marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank, though!  Marijuana seeds are considered “collectors’ items” or “adult novelty souvenirs” and it is therefore legal to order and deliver and buy and ship them in Alabama.

Madison Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Pacific Seed Bank is proud to offer over two hundred strains of marijuana seeds to our customers, and we’re adding to that list all the time.  We’re excited to offer strains of seeds from nearly every part of the world: the USA, Canada, Asia and South America to name a few. Seeds from different strains look different, feel different – they even smell different!  It’s exciting to think of exploring the world via cannabis seed purchases. Pacific Seed Bank fully supports this kind of international exploring!

Best Online Marijuana Seed Bank

Repeat customers of Pacific Seed Bank consistently rave about certain aspects of their experience with Pacific Seed Bank.  These aspects include:

  • Great customer service
  • Fast delivery
  • Broad variety of seeds available

Find out how awesome buying from Pacific Seed Bank is for yourself and buy marijuana seeds in Madison from Pacific Seed Bank today!

I wanted to buy some seeds to give to a friend on his birthday and was worried my order wasn’t going to get to me in time. But it did, with a day to spare! I love that Pacific Seed Bank has such efficient delivery, even though they’re on the west coast.
Daryl N., Madison, Alabama
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