Buy Marijuana Seeds in Phenix City Alabama Online

Did you know that you can legally buy ungerminated marijuana seeds online? Pacific Seed Bank carries a huge selection of high quality, ungerminated cannabis seeds, making us the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Phenix City! We’ve got hundreds of seeds for you to choose from, including all of your favorite indicas and sativas, as well as high content CBD seeds. We even carry easy to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds, great for first time growers! Ordering online is fast and easy, and we ship your seeds right to your door using our speedy delivery service. Get your cannabis seeds online today!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Maui Wowie Feminized

Acapulco Gold FeminizedWhite Widow FeminizedMaui Wowie Feminized
THC Level22%18%19%
Flowering Time70-80 days55-65 days60-70 days

Our Favorite Candy Themed Marijuana Seeds

Who doesn’t love candy? Whether you’re a chocolate connoisseur or a fruit fanatic, there’s a strain of marijuana seeds that will taste just right to you. We carry a ton of delicious strains of marijuana seeds that are sweet like candy, such as

  • Mint Chocolate Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Monster Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
  • Cotton Candy Kush Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
  • Alien Rock Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Sour Apple Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Want to get your own super sweet deal on ungerminated marijuana seeds? Check out these tasty THC cannabis seeds in our online inventory to learn more.


Is Marijuana Legal in Phenix City?

As this time, marijuana is not legal in Phenix City. Recreational marijuana is still a punishable offense, although personal use has been somewhat locally decriminalized. There is no medical marijuana act in place, either, although the use of high content CBD extracts are made available to patients with a qualifying condition. Even though you can’t grow it legally, you can still buy ungerminated marijuana seeds, like those sold by Pacific Seed Bank. We’ve got over 200 strains of high quality, fully feminized marijuana seeds in our online catalog now!

Find Maui Wowie Weed Seeds Online

You’ll find yourself on Island Time with our Maui Wowie Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This tropical strain of weed seeds is a sativa dominant hybrid with a strong 80/20 split. Our Maui Wowie cannabis seeds will grow into tall, robust plants that can produce up to 500 grams of cannabis flower per plant. These marijuana plants typically flower within 60-70 days and have a respectable THC content of 19%, making them one of our best selling sativas. These buds have a sweet, citrusy aroma that you would expect from a tropical plant. Because they are a sativa, Maui Wowie produces uplifting, happy feelings in the user, and is often used promote relaxation, enabling them to shift their focus away from daily concerns. Our Maui Wowie seeds are available in seed packs of 3, 5, 10, or 25 seeds. Order your Maui Wowie seeds online today!

Order High Quality Marijuana Seeds Online

It’s time to order your own marijuana seeds online! With so many seeds to choose from, it’s no surprise that Pacific Seed Bank is the premier place to buy marijuana seeds in Phenix City. To keep up on the latest PSB news and promotions, make sure you sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media!

I knew something wasn’t right when my seeds still hadn’t arrived after 2 weeks. I reached out to the customer service at PSB and they took care of me, and got the seeds replaced. I appreciate good customer service so I’ll definitely come back again.
Marie S., Phenix City, AL