How To Grow Marijuana Plants

Once you buy marijuana seeds in Little Rock, it might be helpful to learn how to grow marijuana plants. The first step; however, is making sure that you’re at least 25 miles from the nearest dispensary, otherwise growing marijuana plants at home is illegal. Your biggest successor when growing plants is lighting. Marijuana plants are extremely picky when it comes to their lighting and surroundings. They like it dark, but not too dark. They like the sun, but not too much sun. Many growers prefer to use a 24-hour light cycle for vegetative growth, and make sure the temperature in the room doesn’t go lower than 55F or above 85F.

Is It Legal to Grow Weed in Arkansas?

Buying and owning marijuana seeds is completely legal everywhere in the United States and Canada. Ungerminated, marijuana seeds are considered “adult novelty souvenirs” and can be stored as a way to continue the existence of rare strains. In Arkansas, the medical marijuana laws are relatively strict, but registered patients do have access to medical marijuana for a lengthy list of medical conditions including hepatitis C, seizures, severe nausea, and Tourette’s syndrome. There is plenty of scientific evidence supporting the usefulness of marijuana for these and countless other diseases and symptoms.

Find Cheap Cannabis Seeds in Little Rock

It couldn’t be easier to order your marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. Just hop onto our website, choose the strain you need based on a detailed list of characteristics, decide on the number of seeds you need (we offer 3, 5, 10, and 25-seed packs), and add the package to your cart. Once you have placed your order, all you need to do is sit back and wait for your high-quality medical marijuana seeds to arrive on your doorstep, just 3 to 10 days later. Our marijuana seeds are delivered right to you in medical-grade glass vials with detailed, strain-specific information, but the outer packaging will always be unbranded, so your purchase of medicinal, holistic products remains no one’s business but your own.

Best-Selling Indica Strains for Relaxation

Much like a caped crusader, Batman OG is a cannabis strain that is powerful, with an average THC content of 24%. Batman OG will uplift energy levels moderately but will definitely give your mood a major boost. Users of Batman OG may note a low level of haziness as relaxation begins to set in, and recommend that munchies should be ready on standby. This strain is also likely to provide entertainment alongside relaxation.

For those who prefer to use cannabis for medical reasons, Batman OG is particularly helpful at treating issues like inflammation, insomnia, muscle spasms, and chronic pain, thanks to its sedating nature. People who suffer from things like nausea, and digestive issues and need to boost their appetite have also found Batman OG helpful. Because Batman OG does pack a powerful punch, it is recommended that only those who are experienced cannabis smokers imbibe in this strain, or that those who are newer to marijuana take it easy their first couple of times.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Amnesia Haze Feminized

5th Element FeminizedWhite Widow FeminizedBanana OG Feminized
THC Level25%18%23%
TreatsInsomnia, Nausea, StressStress, Depression, PainStress, Depression, Lack of Appetite
Flowering Time50-60 days55-65 days60-70 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Little Rock

These days, you can get practically everything in the mail. Food, clothes, beauty products, even weed seeds. What you choose to do with the seeds after they’re delivered to your door is up to you. Some people keep the seeds as collector’s items instead of planting or growing them. Others choose to make a little weed garden in their home for smoking purposes. Please don’t ever feel nervous about ordering weed seeds online, even if you don’t have a medical marijuana card.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing

Originally a weed, cannabis has been grown worldwide for centuries, indoors and out, one plant or dozens, with great success. Yet with hundreds of varieties on the market, very few strains are alike — while some may thrive with little attention, others require tender loving care to produce a potent yield.

  • A question asked by many gardeners, regardless of experience level: “Should I plant indoors or out?” 

In most cases, the marijuana seed company you purchase your strain from will provide information on the best growing practices, including whether your pick is better suited to an indoor or outdoor environment. And, as mentioned above, while most strains are capable of surviving either, you’ll want to guarantee certain conditions are met to maximize the potency and size of your crop. 

We recommend using the information provided by the breeder as a guideline, but research will help you to decide whether your marijuana seeds grow ideally with the wind or within a strictly controlled atmosphere.


Marijuana Laws In Little Rock

There’s been a lot of news surrounding medical marijuana in Little Rock recently. Cases regarding medical marijuana permits are being thrown at the court left and right. Marijuana will always be a touchy subject in some cities or countries, and that’s why it’s our job to help people feel more comfortable around it. There’s nothing to be scared of. Little Rock seems to be climbing on board the marijuana train having legalized medical marijuana a few years ago. Be sure to see your doctor about getting a valid card!

Is It Legal to Grow Cannabis in Arkansas?

Arkansas passed its medical marijuana legislation In 2016, providing access to legal medical marijuana to residents of the state. However, the law does not allow for medical marijuana patients to grow their own marijuana plants. Medical marijuana cardholders must purchase their medical marijuana from a state-licensed dispensary. Recreational marijuana, although decriminalized in some parts of the state, remains prohibited and cannot be cultivated either. Although you can’t grow marijuana plants, you can still legally buy and own marijuana seeds, as long as they are ungerminated. Ungerminated marijuana seeds are considered collector’s items and are legal for adults to buy and own in the United States. Pacific Seed Bank carries a large selection of ungerminated marijuana seeds in our online catalog. Order your ungerminated marijuana seeds online today for fast delivery.

Do I Qualify For A Medical Marijuana Card?

Speaking of a medical marijuana card, how do you get one? What are the rules? The guidelines? The medical reasons? Keep in mind that if you want to buy marijuana seeds in Little Rock from us, you don’t need a card. Getting a medical marijuana card is easier than you may think because there are so many ways that smoking can be helpful. If you have any of the following medical conditions, you may qualify for a medical card

  • Glaucoma
  • Chronic pain
  • PSTD
  • Seizures
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Hepatitis C

Discover Natural Health With Marijuana

Are you looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical medications? While many serious medical conditions often require the intervention of prescription medicine, medical treatment, and surgery, marijuana is a wonderful option for supplementing many treatment plans and even as a stand-alone option for some conditions. Here at Pacific Seed Bank, we’re dedicated to offering you only the finest marijuana seeds so you can, essentially, grow your own medicine! There are reams of scientific study on the benefits of marijuana; we lay a lot of it out for you in our learning section, and the internet is an excellent resource for the rest.

Try Our Alien Dawg Marijuana Seeds

Impressive pain relief begins with Alien Dawg marijuana seeds. Consumers who experience pain in their daily lives should always have this strain lying around the house. Alien Dawg is a cross between Alien Technology and Chemdawg that delivers powerful pain-killing effects from the very first puff. It has roots in Northern California and Afghanistan. What you can expect from Alien Dawg is an incredible mind and body high without the wait. Because the effects of this strain are so fast-acting and intense, it’s usually not recommended for beginner smokers.

Read more on these and many other strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds, available from Pacific Seed Bank in our online inventory.

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