Best place to buy marijuana seeds

If you’re on the hunt for marijuana seeds for sale in Texarkana, the great news is that you can actually access a huge selection of premium marijuana seeds online, either from your computer or smartphone, with Pacific Seed Bank. Pacific Seed Bank specializes in feminized seeds, high CBD seeds, and autoflowering seeds, and also has an enormous variety of different types of cannabis to choose from from all over the USA and beyond. If you’re nervous about ordering marijuana seeds online, don’t be—Pacific Seed Bank has a germination guarantee that makes shopping with us risk free, and we deliver fast.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Larry OG Feminized

Jack Herer FeminizedCinderella 99 FeminizedLarry OG Feminized
THC Level18%22%24%
Flowering Time50-70 days50-60 days50-60 days

Can you legally buy marijuana seeds in Texarkana?

Ungerminated marijuana seeds are legal to purchase in the state of Arkansas. Many of us are already familiar with many of the recreational benefits that marijuana can offer to the patients. For these folks, being able to grow their own premium marijuana plants is not only convenient, it really makes a huge difference in their day to day lives.


What chemicals are in marijuana?

Marijuana plants contain two active chemicals that have medicinal applications—these are called CBD, and THC which impacts the brain without making people high. Researchers have also found that marijuana can reduce anxiety (in certain doses), though it is important to note that different people react differently to marijuana.

Why get weed seeds online?

Shopping online for cannabis seeds is a no-brainer. Not only do you save precious free time not driving around town to local shops, but you also get access to so many more varieties of weed seeds when you shop at Pacific Seed Bank. Smaller brick and mortar shops just don’t have the room to carry all of the many strains that we do, and we also offer the convenience of shipping your marijuana seeds right to your door.

How long does it take for marijuana to grow?

When you first receive your ungerminated marijuana seeds, you’ll need to germinate them before planting them in an appropriately sized pot that has drainage holes. Once planted, marijuana plants stay in what is known as the vegetative stage for approximately four to eight weeks. During this time the plant will grow larger and stronger, but it won’t yet begin budding. After the vegetative stage concludes, you can expect to harvest your marijuana plants successfully, depending on how large you’d like the plant to grow.

I never have enough time to figure out the best place to buy weed seeds locally, so I like being able to shop on my phone and get it delivered to my house.
Ben Y., Texarkana, Arkansas
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