Marijuana Seed Delivery to El Cajon

Attention growers! You can have high-quality, fully feminized seeds delivered directly to your door when you shop with Pacific Seed Bank. We offer a wide variety of autoflowering marijuana seeds sourced from expert breeders and farmers in the industry. We also lab-test for authentic genetics and back all of our seeds with our 90% Germination Guarantee. Whether you’re looking for high-CBD seeds or stimulating sativas, our digital shelves are stocked with the best seeds for your unique needs. All products come with detailed descriptions, from the THC content to yield rate, and we also have an extensive marijuana growing education section for growers, no matter their experience level. Just place your order today and have marijuana seeds delivered discreetly to your home. Buy marijuana seeds in El Cajon and discover why we are the country’s premiere seed bank.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

UK Cheese Feminized

Skunk AutofloweringCritical Mass FeminizedUK Cheese Feminized
Flowering Time45-50 days50-60 days60-70 days

Marijuana Laws in El Cajon

Wondering about marijuana laws in the Golden State? California is home to some of the most progressive cannabis laws in the nation, and it was even the first state to legalize medical marijuana back in 1996. Today, marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational purposes and residents 21 and over can legally possess up to 28.5 grams of the plant. As for growing marijuana at home, growers can legally care for up to six plants at a time. It’s truly never been a better time to get your grow on in California.


Factors that Affect Your Marijuana High

No two marijuana experiences are exactly the same. The journey differs from person to person, and varies within the individual. There are many different factors that affect one’s marijuana high, including location, delivery method, dosage, cannabinoid profile, age, flavor profile, and tolerance. If you’re in a cozy environment you are more likely to feel relaxed and calm. If you choose to take edibles, smoke, or vape marijuana, it will be a different experience with each method. Edibles typically last between 6-8 hours while smoking tends to last 2-4 hours. And of course, how much you take effects your high as well as the strain’s THC and CBD percentage.

The Best Weed Seeds for Depression

Depression is a complex disorder affecting millions of Americans. Many individuals who suffer from depression have found that cannabis helps relief their symptoms. For some people, it gives the mind increased engagement and motivation, or stimulates hunger and social feelings with friends. Not all weed seed strains offer the same effects, however. THC strains produce the euphotic high associated with marijuana, while CBD strains range from no high at all to mild feelings. They are best for those looking to avoid anxious feelings of THC. If you are looking to buy marijuana seeds in El Cajon , here are some of our best strains for you: 

These guys are great. I have tried many different online weed stores and Pacific Seed Bank has blown them all away. Exceptional customer service and high-quality product. Definitely recommend!
Tim L., El Cajon, CA