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Do you want to grow your own marijuana plants at home? Pacific Seed Bank is here to help you get started. As North America’s premiere marijuana seed bank, we are the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Longmont. We work closely with our dedicated community of experienced growers to bring you the best high quality cannabis seeds on the market today. All of our seeds are fully feminized, which means you won’t have to worry about wasting resources growing males or risking contamination from them. You’ll get big, beautiful buds on every plant you grow with us!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Lavender Feminized

OG Kush FeminizedHarlequin CBDLavender Feminized
THC Level26%5%25%
Flowering Time50-60 days50-60 days60-70 days

Is it Legal to Grow Marijuana in Longmont?

Colorado was the very first state in the USA to legalize recreational marijuana in 2013! Currently, Colorado residents over the age of 21 can buy up to 1 ounce of marijuana from a dispensary, and can possess up to 1 ounce for personal use. Additionally, Longmont residents may grow up to six plants at a time for personal use and consumption, with up to three being in the mature stages at a given time. Not only that, but “transfer” of marijuana without recompense, essentially gifting of marijuana, is legal up to 1 ounce between legal age adults. This holiday season, wow your friends with your home-grown Christmas gifts!


Your Guide to Growing Marijuana

Want to learn more about growing marijuana plants at home? Pacific Seed Bank has the educational resources you need to become a growing guru. Check out our Marijuana Education tab for our germination guide and grower’s guide, as well as beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of marijuana education articles! Learn how to successfully germinate your marijuana seeds using our tried and true method, discover insider tips into setting up a successful grow room, and more. Check out our blog for even more expert advice on growing marijuana plants!

Best Weed Seeds for the Munchies

If you suffer from loss or lack of appetite, you know how frustrating it can be when nothing sounds good. Whether due to illness, eating disorders, or other issues, rapid weight loss and lack of appetite are very real problems. Fortunately, there is a natural and proven way to stimulate appetite- marijuana. Nearly everyone who has used marijuana can attest to the intense feelings of hunger that often accompany marijuana use. These are our favorite strains of weed seeds to grow for stimulating appetite:

  • Willie Nelson Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Strawberry Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • White Gold Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Mango Kush Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

To learn more about each strain, simply click the link and read the strain details, data, and reviews provided by other customers.

America’s Favorite Marijuana Seed Bank

To get started growing marijuana plants today, shop with Pacific Seed Bank! As the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Longmont, we stock a huge inventory of fully feminized, ungerminated marijuana seeds. Choose from a great selection of high quality indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds. We also carry CBD seeds! Shop now to get started, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win free seeds!

I’m a medical marijuana patient, and I really prefer CBD. PSB has a great selection of CBD and reasonable prices.
Doug J., Longmont, CO