How To Grow A Marijuana Plant

Let’s say you buy marijuana seeds in Bridgeport — what’s next? Many people order marijuana seeds from us as collector’s items and choose not to plant them. But for those who learn how to grow a marijuana plant, just know that it doesn’t just happen naturally. There are a lot of contributing factors the go into the planting and growing process. Marijuana plants can be picky about their surroundings and need the perfect amount of water, light, and air. Too much or too little could stunt their growth. Plants, believe it or not, need food as we do. And they need it on a regular basis — so don’t forget! Marijuana plants need the following nutrients

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Copper

Marijuana Strains That Help With Sleep and Relaxation

Kush cannabis strains are regarded for their full-body experience and pungent nature, and Master Bubba marijuana is an excellent representation of its origins. A balanced hybrid, Master Bubba draws mostly from its indica heritage for a strong stone and heavy sedation, which ultimately leaves it best suited for evening and nighttime use when you don’t have anything going on or anyone to entertain. Set your snacks up close by, because Master Bubba cannabis will also cause a serious case of the munchies. Combined with the positivity delivered by the strain with 50% sativa genetics, the case can easily be made for Master Bubba marijuana as a medical strain. The deeply sedative properties can help patients cope with stress, and aid in promoting a better night’s sleep.

Buy Feminized Seeds in Bridgeport

Traditionally, regular seeds have a 50-50 chance of producing male or female plants. The male plants produce pollen and spread this pollen to female plants. This is ideal if you want seed production but these crops tend to be less robust and contain more seedy buds. If you are strictly wanting curable buds for consumption, then feminized seeds are the way to go. Feminized seeds are seeds that have been produced by a female plant that was pollinated by another female plant. In order to do this, breeders have stressed female plants to produce pollen.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Dirty Girl Feminized

Dirty Girl FeminizedBlack Domina FeminizedMazar Autoflowering
THC Level22%18%18%
Flowering Time55-65 days55-65 days50-60 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Bridgeport

If you’re a little hesitant to buy marijuana seeds online, we totally get it. You can’t see the product in person, and you’re never quite sure who’s on the other side. Trust is a huge factor in shopping online, and it’s not always easy to build a customer-seller relationship when that face-to-face connection is missing. Hopefully, Pacific Seed Bank can put your mind at ease. We aim to be as transparent as possible about where our seeds come from, how we handle them, and how we deliver them to your home.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find marijuana seeds in brick-and-mortar shops in Connecticut, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your favorite strains. At Pacific Seed Bank, we offer 21 cannabis seed strains, all of them reliably feminized, carefully tested, and affordably priced. Choose from packs of 3, 5, 10, and 25 marijuana seeds, then simply enter your information and wait for your package to arrive. We ship your seeds discreetly, and all your payment information is stored on secure servers until it is deleted following the completion of your order. Choose Pacific Seed Bank for the best marijuana seeds in the country!


Marijuana Laws In Bridgeport

Bridgeport voted in favor of medicinal marijuana in 2012. That same year, other east coast states like Vermont and Maine voted in favor of recreational marijuana. Smokers in Bridgeport might have been disappointed in Connecticut’s decision to hold off on recreational use, but hey, baby steps, right? We need to learn to crawl before we can walk. In any case, the future of Bridgeport looks bright in the marijuana industry. Did you know that over 60% of locals are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana? It’s true! We can only hope that when Connecticut votes again, they’ll pass a new proposition. The best way to smoke legally in Bridgeport is to get a medical marijuana card from the doctor’s office. It shouldn’t take long. Make an appointment, tell the doctor about your medical condition, and he’ll make the decision about whether or not you qualify for a card.

Is Marijuana Legal in the Workplace?

The answer to this question is not nearly as black and white as we’d hoped. Even though medical cannabis is legal in the state of Connecticut, that doesn’t make it federally legal at this point. Some say cannabis will become federally legal during the 2020 Presidential election, which may make it legal in the workplace, as well. Employers are still allowed to test for cannabis, but that shouldn’t stop you from growing your own plants. Buy Naugatuck cannabis seeds today!

Order Weed Seeds Online

Here’s some more good news! Are you ready? OK, here we go — it doesn’t matter if you have a medical marijuana card or not, you can still buy weed seeds online from Pacific Feed Bank or any online retailer. There are only nine dispensaries in Connecticut, so chances are most buyers live outside walking distance. That’s where we come in. Pacific Seed Bank works online to meet everybody’s needs. It doesn’t matter what time it is or the day of the week. We’re always open for business. Buy marijuana seeds in Bridgeport today! We promise you won’t regret it.

Benefits of Growing Weed Indoors

There are many advantages to choosing an indoor setup for cannabis gardening. From the growing medium to the amount of light your plants receive and for how long, you are afforded complete control. 

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness. Inside, you can provide your plants with a hygienic environment free from the variables associated with outdoor growing. This is of particular importance to growers with the intention of producing pot for medical purposes, as medicinal marijuana should be free of germs, fungus, parasites, or other organisms that might do more harm than good to someone with an already compromised immune system. This is not to say, however, that indoor plants cannot develop mold or bugs.
  • Complete climate control. If you’ve ever dreamed of playing creator, you are now one step closer. With an indoor garden, you dictate the conditions that affect growth: temperature, humidity, ventilation, CO2, soil quality, and more. 

An artificial atmosphere also means you never have to worry about flooding or periods of drought, rapid changes in wind speed or temperature, or other natural phenomena that can destroy an otherwise healthy crop in one fell swoop. 

Unlimited growing seasons. Since indoor cannabis gardening is not limited by the changes in season (which are needed to trigger growth periods), gardeners who plant inside are able to grow cannabis year-round, resulting in multiple harvests per year. Gardens can be smaller, and more resources can be funneled into fewer plants to produce a more potent, fragrant, or flavorful product.

Read more on these and many other strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds, available from Pacific Seed Bank in our online inventory.

I live on the outskirts of Bridgeport and have a very hard time finding access to marijuana. The closest dispensary is much too far to walk or bike to, and no public transportation goes there. The only time I get to smoke is when friends come over and bring weed with them. A week ago my buddy told me about Pacific Seed Bank, and now all my long-distances troubles are gone.
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