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Hey there! Welcome to Pacific Seed Bank, your source for the best marijuana seeds. Our online seed bank carries everything you would see at a dispensary and you can order hassle-free from the comfort of your own home. All of our seeds are fully-feminized, autoflowering and sourced from trusted breeders. And with over 500 varieties of strains, you are sure to find the perfect type for your unique needs. So what are you waiting for? Hop on your computer and put in your order with us and experience great customer service, speedy delivery, and great marijuana seeds to your home. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re just an email away.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Middlefork Feminized

Amnesia Haze FeminizedHaze XL AutofloweringMiddlefork Feminized
THC Level20%17%25%
TreatsDepression, Stress, PainDepression, Stress, FatigueDepression, Anxiety, Lack of Appetite
Flowering Time65-75 days50-60 days50-60 days

Is Marijuana Legal in Connecticut?

In November 2016 several east coast states, including the Nutmeg State, voted on legalizing marijuana — both legal and recreational. While marijuana was legalized for both recreational and medical use in Maine and Vermont, Connecticut has yet to make it that far. Fortunately, medical marijuana legalization was approved back in 2012 for a number of different conditions. And, you can also legally buy marijuana seeds online in Danbury, whether you have a medical marijuana card or not, as they are classified as novelty souvenir items — as long as you don’t intend to grow. It seems to be only a matter of time until recreational marijuana and home cultivation become legal in Connecticut, with a recent survey stating that 60% of voters support legalization. 


What are Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Wondering exactly what the term “autoflowering” means? Well, it kind of means what it sounds like. Basically, breeders figured out they could cross-breed marijuana strains with cannabis ruderalis, a subspecies known for its ability to flower once it reaches a certain height. Breeders took this feature and were able to preserve the uniqueness of each cross-bred strain. While marijuana plants on their own will not typically move past the vegetative state until they have a change in their light cycle, ruderalis plants will grow on their own after a short vegetative period. Autoflowering seeds give a helping hand to growers and level out the playing field for people who have never grown marijuana before.

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Ah, the future. If you’re ready to move to the 21st century, start buying weed seeds online. From the comfort of your own home, you can put in an order all without going outside. Buy marijuana seeds in Danbury today and experience the convenience of ordering from our online seed bank.Our digital shelves are kept well-stocked and filled with new favorites and old classics including: 

I’m a first timer when it comes to ordering marijuana seeds online and I didn’t really know what to expect. I took a chance and ordered from Pacific Seed Bank. I looked through their website and found good autoflowering, feminized seeds. I also liked that I could make a payment by mail. The experience was great and I’m sure I will be ordering from PSB again.
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