Where to find the best marijuana seeds

Shopping for marijuana seeds for sale in New London is probably a lot easier than you might initially think. It doesn’t have to involve driving all around town, searching high and low for one particular seed type that you love and coming up short. No—it can actually be as simple as using your computer or smartphone to log onto Pacific Seed Bank’s website and checking out our incredible selection of local, national, and international cannabis seeds. We specialize in feminized, high CBD, and autoflowering cannabis seeds, all of which are premium in quality and backed by our risk-free germination guarantee.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains


ACDC CBDBubba Kush AutofloweringBlue Cheese Autoflowering
THC Level2%19%20%
TreatsPain, Stress, InflammationPain, Stress, InsomniaPain, Lack of Appetite, Anxiety
Flowering Time60-70 days50-60 days50-60 days

What’s a germination guarantee?

At Pacific Seed Bank, we understand that it might be daunting to order marijuana seeds online. You might fear receiving dud seeds that don’t produce any actually weed, which would be a massive waste of time and money. But, do not fear. When you buy seeds at Pacific Seed Bank and adhere to our tried and tested Water Glass/Paper Towel germination method, we guarantee that at least 90 percent of the seeds that you purchase from us will germinate, or you’ll get your money back. And, the Water Glass/Paper Towel method is simple to follow and requires precious few components to get started.


Can you legally buy weed seeds in New London?

Ungerminated weed seeds are legal to purchase in the state of Connecticut, as well as all over the USA. And, as we mentioned earlier, it’s extremely easy to germinate your seeds once they have been delivered to your doorstep from Pacific Seed Bank. Simply soak your seeds in distilled water for approximately 14-18 hours, then place them on a plate lined with paper towels. Add another damp paper towel or two on top for good measure, then put the plate in a warm, cozy spot for a few days to let the germination magic happen.

What is cannabis used for?

People choose to grow their own marijuana plants for a variety of reasons. Many people enjoy the recreational benefits that marijuana has to offer, of which there are many. But, others, who may be suffering from serious medical conditions, find that medicinal marijuana can successfully treat their ailments. For example, people suffering from things like migraines, PTSD, cancer, and HIV/AIDS have all found that cannabis can really help alleviate some of their more unpleasant symptoms.

Ordering cannabis seeds online

We’ve already talked about the convenience of shopping for marijuana seeds for sale in New London online. Pacific Seed Bank is able to offer way more selection than your typical local shop because we aren’t confined by a bricks and mortar store location. 

They really aren’t kidding when they say they have tons and tons of weed seeds to choose from at Pacific Seed Bank. If you aren’t sure what you want, it can even be a bit overwhelming but their customer service is really helpful.
Julie W., New London, Connecticut
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