Where to buy marijuana seeds

No matter what strain of marijuana you’re searching for, you’ll likely find the marijuana seeds for sale in Lakeland that you’d like on Pacific Seed Bank’s website. How can we be so sure? Because marijuana seed banks like Pacific Seed Bank are able to offer an incredible variety of marijuana seeds to our customers because we aren’t constrained by the size of a small, local shop. We can bring in marijuana seeds from all over the world (as well as from sources closer to home), all of which are backed by our germination guarantee and can be delivered right to our valued customers’ doors.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Afghani Feminized

Ewok FeminizedAfghani FeminizedNorthern Lights x Skunk Feminized
THC Level18%21%17%
Flowering Time55-65 days50-60 days55-65 days

Can you legally buy weed seeds in Lakeland?

In Florida, it’s legal to purchase ungerminated cannabis seeds. And, not to worry, because it’s pretty simple and straightforward to germinate those weed seeds, especially when you use Pacific Seed Bank’s favorite germination method, the Water Glass/Paper Towel method. Gather together the supplies that you’ll need, which include tweezers (for picking up the seeds themselves), a water glass, distilled or pure water, paper towels, and a plate. And, make sure that you have a warm, cozy and dark spot where you can safely keep the plate, once prepared, for up to a week.


What are marijuana’s uses?

People choose to buy cannabis seeds for a huge number of different reasons. There are, of course, marijuana’s recreational effects, which include heightened senses and lowered inhibitions. But, more and more people are turning to medicinal marijuana for the huge impact it can have on their personal health, particularly if they are suffering from an issue like posttraumatic stress disorder and migraines. For these individuals, the option to grow their own marijuana plants in their own homes might be a good choice.

Shopping for cannabis seeds online

Perhaps you have a favorite local source for cannabis seeds and aren’t sure about the need to shop online for your seed needs. Not only does Pacific Seed Bank offer a wider range of different weed seeds to choose from, as we highlighted above, but we also offer the convenience of browsing this incredible selection from your home, or anywhere where you can be on your computer or even your smartphone. And, we’ll deliver your weed seeds right to your door, in discreet packaging. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

I couldn’t believe the huge number of different seed types that Pacific Seed Bank has for sale. I’m pretty new to growing, so I was interested especially in their autoflowering marijuana strains. They ship fast and I love being able to shop on my smartphone from wherever I am.
Pam T., Lakeland, Florida