Where to shop online for weed seeds

Interested in buying high quality weed seeds but not sure where to start? Don’t worry–it’s probably way more simple than you think. The best place to buy marijuana seeds for sale in Riviera Beach can actually be found online. You can access the shop on Pacific Seed Bank’s website from any computer or smartphone at any time of day or night–whenever works best for you! Pacific Seed Bank carries a plethora of feminized cannabis seeds, including high CBD strains and autoflowering seeds, to meet your every need. And, did we mention that we’ll ship these seeds right to you?

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Lavender Feminized

OG Kush AutofloweringLavender FeminizedOG Kush Autoflowering
Flowering Time55-65 days60-70 days55-65 days

Why do people buy marijuana seeds?

Lots of people buy marijuana seeds for recreational use, for medicinal use, or for a combination of the two. Luckily when you shop at Pacific Seed Bank, you don’t have to choose between one purpose of the other–you can buy marijuana seeds that will fulfill both your recreational and your well-being needs.


Legality of Riviera Beach cannabis seeds

When shopping for marijuana seeds, it is natural to wonder about the legality of such a purchase. In the state of Florida, so long as the marijuana seeds that you are purchasing are ungerminated, the sale is legal. And, if you have any questions at all about how to best germinate your ungerminated seeds once they arrive, be sure to check out the educational section of the Pacific Seed Bank website. There you can find a ton of information, including a handy germination guide, which will go through the whole process step by step. You can also read more about Pacific Seed Bank’s germination guarantee in that section.

Germination of marijuana seeds

The germination method that Pacific Seed Bank recommends above all others is the tried and tested Water Glass/Paper Towel method. As you may be aware, germination requires moisture, darkness, and warmth in order to be successful, and the Water Glass/Paper Towel method achieves all three with a minimal number of items in a week or less. To begin germinating your marijuana seeds for sale in Riviera Beach with the Water Glass/Paper Towel method, you’ll first need to soak your cannabis seeds in pure or distilled water (just not tap water!) for a period of fourteen to eighteen hours. After the soaking period, you’ll need to let those seeds rest on a damp paper towel-lined plate, in the dark, for four to seven days. Your seeds will be prepped for planting when you can see small tap roots emerging from them!

I have never had any issues with the seeds I’ve ordered from Pacific Seed Bank--seriously! I’m amazed by the quality and they really do carry every single strain I could ever think of trying.
Karen T., Riviera Beach, Florida