Buying marijuana seeds online

Finding a good source for marijuana seeds for sale in Rome is easier than you might think. In fact, it involves just logging onto your computer, or hopping onto your smartphone, and checking out Pacific Seed Bank’s website. Pacific Seed Bank sells an incredible variety of premium marijuana seeds, specializing in feminized, high CBD, and autoflowering strains. Do you like local seeds? Pacific Seed Bank sells those. Prefer seeds from Europe? Pacific Seed Bank sells those, too. You’re likely to find all of the marijuana seeds that you’re looking for in one place when you shop for cannabis seeds with us.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Mendocino Purps Feminized

Harlequin CBDCritical Kush FeminizedMendocino Purps Feminized
THC Level5%21%20%
Flowering Time50-60 days50-60 days60-70 days

Legality of buying weeds seeds in Rome

You can legally shop for weed seeds that are in ungerminated form in the state of Georgia. And, ungerminated seeds are pretty straightforward to move from ungerminated to germinated when you follow Pacific Seed Bank’s recommended Water Glass/Paper Towel germination method, which involves soaking the seeds in pure or distilled water for 14 to 18 hours, and then letting them rest on a damp paper towel for up to a week to germinate. And, when you shop with Pacific Seed Bank you don’t have to worry about receiving dud seeds—we back all of our cannabis seeds by our germination guarantee.

Marijuana seed bank shopping

If you’re interested in growing marijuana plants, it can be tempting to look locally for a source for your cannabis seeds. But, by doing so, you might be forgoing access to a much larger selection of premium quality marijuana seeds, as well as the convenience of shopping for marijuana seeds online and getting them delivered right to your door. If you’re a new marijuana grower, or one who is fairly seasoned, there are resources and lots of helpful information about planting marijuana seeds or growing hearty, healthy plants on Pacific Seed Bank’s website.

How much light do marijuana plants need?

In the vegetative stage of life, we typically recommend that marijuana plants receive around 18 hours of light. This is typically achieved by using a grow lamp, as it will be harder for customers who buy marijuana seeds in Rome to make sure that plants that rely on natural light will be able to get this amount of sunlight in most locations.

I shop online for marijuana seeds purely for the convenience factor, and Pacific Seed Bank also sells a huge selection of different seeds.
Pam G., Rome, Georgia