Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Post Falls

Rich in natural beauty and history, there’s plenty to love about Post Falls. Especially now that you can order marijuana seeds directly to your home. Pacific Seed Bank is your go-to source for weed seeds in town. Our online seed bank is home to a large assortment of marijuana seeds, including indica and sativa strains, high CBD strains, and new hybrid types. Ordering from us will ensure that you receive premium marijuana seeds sourced from expert breeders in the industry. You will also receive the best customer service and care throughout the process. Give us a try and experience our difference. Buy marijuana seeds in Post Falls today!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Pez Feminized

Pez FeminizedTangie FeminizedChemdog #4 Feminized
THC Level25%22%18%
TreatsAnxiety, Depression, InsomniaAnxiety, Depression, Lack of AppetiteStress, Pain, Depression
Flowering Time50-60 days55-65 days60-70 days

What are Feminized Marijuana Plants?

Have you ever wondered if your pack of baby marijuana seeds are boys or girls? While every seed you buy from Pacific Seed Bank is fully feminized and will develop into a female plant, you may be curious to learn more about sexing marijuana seeds and plants. To begin, feminized marijuana seeds come from female marijuana plants that had no males involved in seed production. Since there are no male plants involved, there will be no Y chromosomes, and therefore no males seeds. However, with regular marijuana seeds that come from both female and male plants, determining the gender is a bit of a toss-up. It is possible to tell the difference between male and female plants around week six. Which is a relief because you will have to the male plants early on if you want to prevent them from pollinating your females and ruining your bud.


Is it Legal to Grow Marijauna in Idaho?

These days, marijuana is becoming more and more recognized for its healing and medicinal purposes. All around the United States, medical and recreational marijuana use is becoming legalized. While the Gem State is a little behind its neighbors and has yet to legalize marijuana in any form, the laws are always changing. Popular opinion surveys show that more and more people believe that marijuana should be allowed and legalized. The good news is that it is completely legal to buy marijuana seeds from us online. 

We Deliver Weed Seeds Worldwide

We will ship weed seeds to wherever you are, all around the globe! The internet has changed the way we shop for the better, and we’re happy to offer you speedy, secure delivery and tracking services straight to your door. We have flat-rate shipping per order, no matter how many seeds you end up ordering. We even offer a number of convenient payment methods, including these:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bitcoin
  • Zelle (US only)
  • Payment by Mail

When you order from us and buy marijuana seeds in Post Falls, you can count on high quality seeds from the best breeders in the industry. What are you waiting for? 

I was shocked by how fast delivery was and how great the seed quality was. The discreet delivery and wide variety of strains made me very happy. If I had ten thumbs it would be ten for sure.
Robert K., Post Falls, ID
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