Chicago Marijuana Laws

The future looks bright for Chicago, Illinois! It looks much healthier, wiser, and greener. Medical marijuana is legal in Chicago, so there’s already reason to celebrate. But that’s just phase one. Recent news articles claim Illinois is one of five states where fully legal marijuana, including recreational use, is expected by the year 2020. So, if you’re wondering when the best time to buy marijuana in Chicago is, it’s basically right now. Why not stock up before these new laws are put into effect?

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

  • THC Level (%)

Gelato Feminized

  • Indica
  • Sativa
XJ-13 FeminizedGelato FeminizedBlueberry CBD
THC Level23%23%7%
TreatsPain, Depression, AnxietyAnxiety, Depression, StressStress, Pain, Insomnia
Flowering Time55-65 days60-70 days60-65 days

How To Grow Marijuana Plants In The Cold

Let’s be real for one second, Chicago is a beautiful place to live and all, but it gets cold AF in the wintertime. We’re talking below freezing temperatures. How on earth is it possible to grow marijuana in the cold, when everyone knows these plants do best in warm climates. It’s no wonder California has some of the best marijuana in the world. The solution is simple: grow your marijuana plants indoors. That way you’ll have a much more controlled environment where you can adjust the temperature. If you have heating, you’ll do just fine.


Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana

It would be a shorter list to mention all of the things marijuana doesn’t do. Marijuana might just be earth’s greatest gift to man. It’s natural, healthy, easy to grow, and there’s plenty to go round and help everybody. People smoke marijuana for a variety of reasons, from anxiety, to glaucoma, to uncontrollable seizures. Even if you don’t have a medical condition, marijuana can be the perfect way to unwind after a long, taxing day.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Chicago

Here are a list of seed banks that ought to help you choose where to buy marijuana seeds in Chicago.

  • Crockett Family Farms
  • Swamp Boy Seeds
  • Top Dawg Seeds
  • The Source Genetics
  • Bodhi Seeds
  • Gage Green Group

We don’t claim to be the only amazing online seed bank, but we do hear rave reviews from our customers.

Where To Buy Weed Seeds Online

That brings us to our next topic — where to buy marijuana seeds in Chicago. Since medical marijuana is legal in the state of Illinois, you have a few choices. You can either drive to the closest dispensary — if you have a valid marijuana card on hand, otherwise, you won’t be able to walk through the front door. If you don’t have a medical card, you can still shop online for seeds at Pacific Seed Bank. The only thing we require is a smiling face, positive attitude, and an open mind.

Read more on these and many other strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds, available from Pacific Seed Bank in our online inventory.

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