Buy Marijuana Seeds In Decatur

Pacific Seed Bank can recommend certain marijuana strains for you based on your needs. Whether it’s medical or recreational, you can buy marijuana seeds in Decatur with just a few clicks on the Pacific Seed Bank website. We deliver your seeds within a 5-10 day window on average.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Island Sweet Skunk Feminized

Island Sweet Skunk FeminizedAllen Wrench FeminizedBlue Dream Feminized
THC Level18%23%17%
Flowering Time50-60 days70-80 days60-70 days

How Many Weed Seeds Do I Need?

If this is your first time growing, you may want to start with a lower quantity of weed seeds to see if you actually like harvesting your own marijuana plants. Some people enjoy it, others would rather smoke it out of a bowl, bong, or pipe. At Pacific Seed Bank, we offer weed seed packs in batches of one, three, five, and so on.


Marijuana Laws In Decatur

The marijuana laws in Decatur dictate that certain patients 21 and over can legally consume medical marijuana. At the present time, recreational marijuana is not legal anywhere in Illinois. The marijuana laws throughout North America are rapidly changing and we hope that one day recreational marijuana will be available nationwide.

Best Nighttime Marijuana Strains

Have you ever heard the term “wake and bake” before? Well, these potent nighttime strains are more like “smoke and sleep.” If you’re looking for an effective nighttime strain, chances are you’re searching for something that can help you sleep, relax, and unwind after a long day. These are some of the best indica strains or indica hybrids:

  • Tahoe OG Kush
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • God’s Gift
  • Afghan Kush
  • Northern Lights

How To Grow Marijuana Plants Indoors

Once you buy marijuana seeds in Decatur, you might be wondering what the next steps are. How do you actually start growing marijuana plants? What’s the process like? The answers to most of these questions can be found on our blog, which is attached to our website.

I had no idea Pacific Seed Bank had such fast shipping! I don't even know how it's possible to send seeds overnight. I placed my order early on a Monday morning and by Tuesday night my package was sitting on my doorstep. I love what I'm seeing from my seeds so far.
Joey L., Decatur, Illinois