Get your pot seeds in Illinois today

A warm welcome is on order for all the Illinois residents out there. Today is a special day, for we’ve prepared an exciting announcement just for you: Pacific Seed Bank products are now available to you! What’s Pacific Seed Bank, you ask? How dare you! Leave our website at once! Just kidding, we like to have fun here. Based out of the sunny state of California, Pacific Seed Bank is one of the top online retailers of marijuana seeds in the business. We offer all types of marijuana strains targeted towards all kinds of users. Whether you’re a newly prescribed medical patient just trying marijuana for the first time, or perhaps you’re a veteran recreational smoker looking for the next hot strain, or perhaps you fall somewhere in between. Whoever you happen to be, we know we’ve got something for you. After all, our catalogue currently boasts more than 500 individual strains to choose from, so how could we not have you covered. What’s more, in order to reduce the stress of navigating such a robust catalogue, we’ve installed a dedicated support module that’s designed to assist in any inquiries you may have. Oh, and did we mention we offer fast, reliable, NATIONWIDE shipping. Yes, you read that correctly. Really, we just wanted to give you the chance to capitalize on this amazing opportunity to buy marijuana seeds in Granite City, IL.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Bay 11 Feminized

Cream AutofloweringBay 11 FeminizedGirl Scout Cookies Feminized
Flowering Time45-55 days60-70 days55-65 days

So is weed legal for me?

It is now! If you’re an adult 12 or over in the state of Illinois, that is. Last May, the Illinois state House and Senate both approved a groundbreaking measure called CRTA, which, in addition to totally decriminalizing recreational marijuana, called for the creation of a safe, taxed and regulated legal marijuana industry within the state. It seems that the bodies of the state government were all on the same page with this one, as only one month later governor J.B Pritzker signed this bill into law, and six months later when this new legislation finally took effect, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize marijuana.

It’s worth taking stock of things here. This country has been facing almost 100 years of federal marijuana prohibition that has resulted in generations of unfair persecution and oppression; and now in just eight years time, 22% of all US states have legalized marijuana. That is an unprecedented amount of progress that frankly has been a long time coming. Let’s keep this momentum up until we can get that number to 100%!


What’s the deal with recreational marijuana?

In general more popular than medical marijuana, recreational marijuana refers to strains that have been cultivated and engineered over time to contain a large amount of THC. What’s THC? Tetrahydrocannabinol is the cannabinoid that produces psychoactive stimulation in users, which is often called the ‘high’ effect.

Above are just a few of the recreational strains we have available, and many more like these can be found in our store. It really is a great time to buy marijuana seeds in Granite City.

I was skeptical that your pot seeds would be any good, as I’ve been burned before by similar businesses. But nope! You guys are definitely the real deal. Thanks, PSB.
Barnold S., Granite City, IL