High quality pot seeds available in Illinois

Hello there! The warmest of greetings is in order for all the Illinois residents out there reading this. We have a particularly exciting announcement in store for you today: Pacific Seed Bank products are available in your area! What’s that, never heard of Pacific Seed Bank? That’s quite alright, we only ask that you leave our website at once and never return. Psyche!! Just messing around; we’ll give you the lowdown. Pacific Seed Bank is a highly reputable online retailer of marijuana seeds based out of the sunny Golden State itself. It’s true that California has long held the reputation of being a bit of a ‘Marijuana Mecca’ or a ‘Hash Haven,’ if you will and for good reason. Marijuana has been widely accessible within the state for some time now, long before legalization ever took place. Our goal as a company was to take this notion and build upon it so that it applies to the entire country. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the same level of access Californians have had for decades. For this reason, we are very pleased to offer customers fast, reliable, nationwide shipping on all products. And with such a strong catalogue as ours, currently boasting over 500 strains to choose from, we’re certain there’s something here for you. Really, we just wanted to present you this amazing opportunity to buy marijuana seeds in Moline.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Granddaddy Purple Feminized

Amnesia Haze FeminizedWhite Widow AutofloweringGranddaddy Purple Feminized
TreatsDepression, Stress, PainStress, Depression, PainStress, Insomnia, Pain
Flowering Time65-75 days50-60 days50-60 days

Is weed legal for me?

Yes, as a matter of fact it is. Thanks to governor J.B. Pritzker’s signing of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act back in June of 2019, legal marijuana finally became a reality for the state of Illinois. And since this legislation took effect this month, Illinois is now the 11th state to have a legal marijuana industry. Horray! For those not keeping tabs, that brings the tally up to 22% of the entire Union. Considering the fact that this country has seen illegal marijuana for almost a century, this seems like an extremely positive sign of changes to come. Baby steps, right?

As you probably already know, the federal government is quite keen to drag its feet in terms of adopting similarly modern policies, as archaic federal regulations are still in place. One such regulations prevents states from being able to export their marijuana crops anywhere else, even into other legal states. Naturally this might make one wonder if they’d be putting themselves at risk by ordering pot seeds off the internet, but don’t worry. These regulations only apply to cultivated marijauna and not the seeds themselves. So feel free to order away, if you like. The new legislation in Illinois permits the cultivation of up to 5 plants for medical patients, in case you didn’t know!


So how do I pick a good cannabis strain?

Most users tend to look for recreational strains, which are characterised by large concentrations of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. This cannabinoid is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana, better known as the ‘high’ desired by recreational users. For some quality recreational strains, consider these options:

And there are always more great strains where that came from. Yes, now is a wonderful time to buy marijuana seeds in Moline.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you guys for helping me understand all the lingo and terminology on your site. I’m new at growing marijuana, but I’m determined to do it right! Thanks, PSB.
Julia F., Moline, IL
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