Selling marijuana seeds online

Have you been tirelessly searching for a reliable online supplier of maijuana seeds? Have you been frustrated by all the hoops you’ve had to jump through just to get some product info? Well you’re frustrations end here: Pacific Seed Bank is the answer to all your burning questions. We have one of the largest catalogues of marijuana seeds available online, boasting over 500 options to choose from. Of those vast choices, we can guarantee customer satisfaction on just about all of them. How can we do that? Well it’s all thanks to our reliable team of diverse breeders and growers. We only work with the best, and the breeders we worth have decades of experience between them. In short, they know what they’re doing. Add on to that our dedicated support module, which is designed to get you the help and information as quickly as possible. Oh, and we ship nationwide, including Illinois. Rejoice! The search has come to an end. Now is a great time to buy marijuana seeds in Mount Prospect.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Jean Guy Feminized

Master Kush FeminizedJean Guy FeminizedCritical Mass Feminized
THC Level21%19%20%
Flowering Time55-65 days65-75 days50-60 days

Is it legal to ship pot seeds into Illinois?

As a matter of fact, this is perfectly legal. According to federal laws, there is nothing illegal about shipping pot seeds over state laws. This is regardless of what state it’s being shipped from, and is even true in states where marijuana possession is a felony. It is certainly strange, but convenient for growers!

In addition to this, on June 25, 2019, Illinois state legislature passed the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, which legalizes the sale and consumption of recreational marijuana for adults 21 years or older. Way to go, Illinois! Just another piece of the puzzle falling into place. Under this new legislation, a person can possess up to 30 grams of marijuana (a little over an ounce), and nonresidents can legally possess up to 15 grams. Growing is slightly more complicated, as it requires a state medical marijuana card, but once you have this you can grow up to five plants at a time.


What’s the right marijuana strain for me?

It can be quite a process to navigate our vast catalogue and decide on one plant that is perfect for you, but a couple of factors can certainly narrow down the options. First off, are you looking for medical marijuana, or recreational? You answer can make all the difference.

The reason for this is because medical and recreational marijuana often contain different mixtures of the active chemical ingredients, called cannabinoids. Recreational users typically want a marijuana plant that contains potent levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC causes all of the psychoactive effects we typically associate with marijuana use, such as boosted creativity, enhanced appetite, and even bouts of euphoria. For a good recreational plant, have a look here:

And many more!

Lots of options to choose from within, it is a great time to start looking through our catalogue and buy some marijuana seeds in Mount Prospect.

I love Pacific Seed Bank because their knowledge of their offerings is quite apparent. They had exactly the strain I wanted and knew exactly why I would want it. Makes ordering from them a real pleasure.
Adam K., Mount Prospect, IL