Get your pot seeds in Illinois today

Well hello there! Congratulations to all Illinois residents out there, for we have a special announcement awaiting you: Pacific Seed Bank products are now available in your area! What’s Pacific Seed Bank, you ask? Don’t you worry, we’ll fill you in. Based out of the sunny Golden State itself, Pacific Seed Bank is highly reputable online retailer of marijuana seeds and other products. So why California? Well, it’s no secret that California has long held the reputation of being a ‘Pot Paradise,’ if you will, and there’s a good reason for it. Marijuana has been easily accessible within the state for some time, long before legalization ever took place. So what we set out to do was utilize the resources of this area and harness them to benefit the rest of the country. We want people everywhere to be able to enjoy the access that Californians have had for decades. This is why we’re so happy to be able to offer customers fast, nationwide shipping on all of our products. That’s right, we’ll ship it right to you! And with a catalogue as robust as ours, currently offering over 500 strains to choose from, we’re certain you’ll find the right product for you. Really, we just wanted you to have this amazing opportunity to buy marijuana seeds in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Pez Feminized

Obama Kush AutofloweringPlushberry FeminizedPez Feminized
Flowering Time50-60 days55-65 days50-60 days

Is weed legal here?

Yes it is, very recently so, in fact. Back in May of 2019, the Illinois state House and Senate approved the Cannabis Tax and Regulation Act, which called for a safe, taxed and regulated legal marijuana industry, as well as a regulatory system for cultivating marijuana. A month later, governor J.B. Pritzker signed this bill into law. And at the beginning of this year, the new legislation took effect, making it the 11th state to do so. Considering that marijuana has been prohibited for almost 100 years, the fact that 22% of all US states have legalized it in just the last eight years seems incredibly significant, and a positive sign of changes to come.

Now of course the federal government seems to prefer to keep things the old ways, choosing to uphold its archaic federal regulations that seem designed to thwart state industries entirely. One such regulation prevents states from being able to ship their marijuana crops over state lines, even into other legal states. Naturally, this might scare off a potential buyer of pot seeds out of fear of putting themselves in legal jeopardy, but there’s no need to worry. This particular regulation only applies to cultivated marijuana and not the seeds themselves. So order away, if you like.


What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the star of the show when it comes to marijuana; they are the active chemical compounds that determine how marijuana affects the human mind and body, and can be found in any cannabis plant. The most well-known out of 113 total cannabinoids is easily that of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This cannabinoid is responsible for the psychoactive stimulation that is often referred to as the ‘high,’ and it popular among recreational users. For some high quality recreational strains, consider these options:

And there are always more great strains where that came from. It truly is a perfect time to buy marijuana in Park Ridge.

I love what you guys are doing. It used to be so difficult to get trustworthy seeds around here, especially pre-legalization. Amazing what you can do on the internet these days!
Terry M., Park Ridge, IL